Which is more important: Food or Fuel?

This week’s article focuses on the increases in fuel and food. As you must have noticed by now, both gas and food prices have been increasing. Read this ARTICLE to find out more.

This article brings up a couple of interesting points regarding our dependence on fossil fuels as well as our responsibility to the poor. What I find interesting is many world leaders are proposing the West’s (that’s us) obsession with oil is directly taking money out of individual’s mouths. The idea is essentially (I’m majorly paraphrasing) that our obession with oil (especially our need to consume so much energy) results in food price increases that essentially takes food away from people who will starve to death without it. One quote I heard yesterday on NPR was that “Our [The West] need to fuel our SUV’s is taking food out of the mouth of starving countries”.

What do you think? Which is more important?

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