Master Class

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Yesterday, I drove in for the designer’s run of “Master Class.” Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is housed in Milwaukee’s Broadway Theatre Center, along with Skylight Opera and Renaissance Theatreworks.

It is, of course, an Equity show, so no photos of the rehearsal itself (which would also be rather distracting). Instead, on a break, here’s director James Zager (on the right) speaking with Chris, our sound and projections designer.

And here’s our stage manager, Judy Martel, cuing up sounds cues the old fashioned way.

Today, the ME begins to hang the plot — I’ll be returning on Friday for focus and cuing writing over that evening’s onstage run.

Master Class

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Further step by step photos of the plot for “Master Class” in progress:

Master Class

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Drafting the overstage plate for “Master Class.”

Master Class

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The rough plot of “Master Class,” mostly laid out. Even if a student intends to draft the final plot with a computer drafting program, I am adamant that they lay it out on paper first. I, for one, don’t understand how you can lay out your plot without looking at the entirety of the space in a reasonable scale. It’s not click and drop, but looking at systems and their relationships to the space as a whole (architecture and scenery) and being able to see the whole thing at once as revisions occur.

Once the rough plot is finished, time to start drafting the over stage plate. There’s the rough plot, pinned to the wall.

Finally, some more old person grumbling. Sure, you can get the plans of the theatre as a PDF or Vectorworks file. But if you don’t have a printer of the correct size, or the PDF isn’t scaled right, or the set designer gives you hand drafting, you end up with paper everywhere as you piece it all together.

Muskie Love and Master Class

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It’s final dress for “Muskie Love” tonight. Here are the renderings and the groundplan pinned to the hallway bulletin board outside the theatre. When I started at Whitewater, I discovered that most of the Intro students doing their shop hours really didn’t have a sense of what the final product was to be, so I started hanging the drawings up outside our TD’s office so if they were at least interested, they could go take a look.

A view of the stage from one end. . .

. . . and the view from the other.

Roy’s bait shop sign. Since I’m not painting this summer in an attempt to let my hands have a break from the carpal tunnel, all the painting was done by students (and our TD, Steve) without my immediate supervision. I think they did a pretty solid job of it (though I apparently forget to tell them to age the fish as they did the letters — my fault, since they were working off a photo for that).

Finally, I’ve got “Master Class” on the drafting table. This is a lighting design for an August production at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. I have to get the plot and hookup finished and sent off no later than Thursday night.

Muskie Love

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The build for “Muskie Love” continues:

Here’s the completed boat that will be pushed around via foot power. . .

Kat works on the muskie part of the Roy’s bait shop sign. . .

. . . while Anastasia works on the lettering.

Muskie Love

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The floor treatment for Roy’s bait shop and the dock.

One of the gimmicks of the show is fishing in a boat the actors push around with their feet.

Paint treatment for Roy’s sign and the boat.

And down in the theatre, the floor is primed for the floor treatment. . .

As stage manager/propsmistress/painter Alison watches TD Steve Chene mix color for the floor. That’s Cat hiding behind the door, there.

Muskie Love

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With “Deathtrap” closing this weekend, production work continues apace on “Muskie Love.”

Here, leaning against the wall in the Hicklin are the two platformed areas — to the left is the dock and to the right is Roy’s Bait Shop.

On lovely, sunny days, we open the shop doors and do a little work on the loading dock. This is stage manager Alison, who is also doing a fair amount of painting and prop work on the show. She, Anastasia, and Cat are all base painting Roy’s sign.

On the drafting table, the last plate for “Muskie Love” is done — the boat, the counter, and some crates.

Which means I can move onto further paint elevations. Here, things dry for the dock and shop, with a little help from Jerome Robbins.

Deathtrap and Muskie Love

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Here’re Alison and Joe working on the partner desk for “Deathtrap.” I pretty much gave Steve a photo and said go for it. Alison, after sprucing up the rest of the furniture in the show, went ahead and figured out the paint treatment for this piece. Way to go, Alison!

Meanwhile, I worked up the floor treatment for “Muskie Love.” Next on the agenda; the boat.

Muskie Love

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Meanewhile, beginning on drafting for “Muskie Love.”