Perfect Wedding

It’s been a while since the last post, back when we produced “The Busybody” in the Spring. We’re now into the fourth week of classes, and barreling onward on our first production of the year, “Perfect Wedding,” directed by Sara Griffin.

Our venerable department chair, Marshall Anderson, retired at the beginning of summer, so I’ve stepped into that position. This means as I learn how to be an administrator I won’t be designing and working in the shops nearly as much. I also need to be sure that these blog posts now cover more than just the scene shop, but also the costume shop and other areas. I get to be the chair of the whole department. . . .

That being said, here are a selection of photos from construction work in the scene and costume shops! First, in the Barnett. Lights are being hung and circuited, the floor has been painted, and flats are being covered. Our guest scenic designer for this show is Emily Allen.

Here, Noah and Ryan just finish cutting a sheet of lauan:

Flat construction in the Hicklin theatre. Kemi and Cody instruct another student in laying out a Hollywood style flat:

Here’s guest designer Emily Allen washing down doors with paint to make them appear as though they have been stained:

Cody and Samantha align lauan on a flat, preparatory to securing it:

Here we have head electrician Alexis with student lighting designer Trevor communicating with technical director Ruth on dropping cable swags from the Barnett grid:

In the costume shop! One project they have taken on is helping the Music department turn old marching band uniforms into pillows as a fundraiser:

Of course, costumes are also being built. Here’s Nala, doing some stitching:

And back to pillow construction with Intro student Nancy:

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