Pirates of Penzance

Time flies! We opened Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance” back on Feb 14, closed it on Feb 19, and here it is Feb 28 and we’re already in technical rehearsals for Dancescapes ’23! Our production of “Pirates” was directed by Sara Griffin, with musical direction by Bob Gehrenbeck. Scenic design by guest designer Emily Allen, lighting design by student Trevor Brilhart, costume design by Tracey Lyons. The stage manager was student Moira Kowalski, props were designed by student Ryan Meverden, hair and make-up design by Nala Meikle, and the student choreographer was Bryce Giammo. Ruth Conrad-Proulx was the technical director.

We’ll start the photo presentation with Dr. Gehrenbeck leading the orchestra in the pit:

Early in Act One, Ruth sings to the Pirates:

And some revelry between the Pirate King and his crew:

The Major-General’s daughters arrive:

And sing. And dance.

The Pirates decide that the daughters would make good brides:

And a moment from the rousing finale of Act One:

The second act of the show takes place at night in a ruined churchyard. This was student lighting designer Trevor’s first go at a night scene — and an exterior night scene, at that. He had to find the balance between making it seem like night but being sure that the audience could see everything they needed to see. I think he succeeded in his efforts.

Act Two. The Major-General, forlorn in the the churchyard.

He’s joined by his daughters:

Policemen are recruited to dissuade the pirates from their dastardly goals:

Frederic learns from the Pirate King and Ruth that since he was born on Feb 29 in a leap year, he’s really only five years old. Such a paradox:

Everyone hides from the Major-General:

And a rousing number for the Act Two finale:

Now, on to Dancescapes!

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