The Winter’s Tale

by William Shakespeare
June 2014

Optimist Theatre, Milwaukee, WI.
at Selig-Joseph Amphitheater in Kadish Park, Milwaukee

Directed by M.L. Cogar
Scenic Design by Ron Scot Fry
Lighting Design by Eric Appleton
Costume Design by Ellen Kozak
Music Design by Adam Baus
Prop Master, Tania Taylor

This show was lit with four 6 1.2k dimmer packs, an ETC Smartfade board (which I hated but it was what we could afford to rent), and an assortment of radial ERS units, with a smattering of floods and PARs (all borrowed). Since this was an outdoor space, with 24-hour public access, everything not in the air in the pavilion itself had to be portable and broken down at the end of each night.

Leontes asks Hermione to convince Polixenes to stay a bit longer.

Leontes confronts Hermione with his suspicions.

Paulina visits the jail to get news of Hermione and her impending childbirth.

Pauline decides to confront Leontes with the baby.

Leontes has a sleepless night.

Pauline brings the baby to Leontes.

Hermione on trial.

Pauline brings the news of Hermione’s death to Leontes.

Antigonus prepares to leave the baby on the stormy shore of Bohemia.

Perdita and Florizel discuss love before the sheep shearing.

Autolycus arrives to sell ribbons at the sheep shearing.

Polixenes is about to step in and end this relationship.

Dion, Paulina, and Leontes reflect on the past fifteen years.

At the tavern. News of the recent revelations is discussed.

In Paulina’s hall of statues, the statue of Hermione is revealed.