Anything to Declare?

by Maurice Hennequin and Pierre Veber
Translated and Adapted by Greg Leaming

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Fall 2013
directed by Jim Butchart
scenic design by Eric Appleton
costume design by Tracey Lyons
lighting design by student Nick Skaja
propsmaster: student Nick Skaja
sound design by Steve Chene
scenic painting by Eric Appleton


Production photo of Act III; the Dupont parlor; Madame Dupont confronts her husband with his mistress’s appointment book. (set is the same for Act I)


Production photo of Act II; Zeze’s garret. Her maid announces that she has yet another visitor.


Construction: roofline visible through Zeze’s window.


Painting: working on the cubist paint treatment of Zeze’s garret.


Experimenting with gradated spray for the Dupont’s parlor (pointilism!).


Drafting the elevation of Acts I and III.

anything to declare models

Early Sketchup model for Act I and III

Garret from the Front

Early Sketchup model for Act II.


Paul Signac, “Portrait of Félix Fénéon,” 1890. This painting served as overall touchstone for the scenic environment, and particularly informed the choices of Acts I and III.


Georges Braque, “The Harbor at Normandy,” 1909. This painting served to inform Zeze’s garret, Act II.


Preliminary sketch for the Dupont’s parlor. The wireframe shapes atop the walls were eventually cut due to time and lack of proper materials.


Preliminary sketch for Zeze’s garret.