The Busybody

Tonight is final dress, and then we open tomorrow! The rehearsals this weekend went pretty smoothly, and the list for the shop this afternoon is pretty manageable. The biggest item is assembling and painting the doorway for Gripe’s house.

But first, let’s back up to Thursday and Friday and all the activity during shop those afternoons. Here’s Tori, working on the Spanish tiles to be mounted around Traffick’s front door. We’ve adopted an assembly line approach — laying out the design, and then building them all up color by color.

And here’s Tori again an hour or so later, putting the finishing touches on the tiles:

Here we see Trevor installing the French doors on Traffick’s balcony, and Cody and Mary installing safety railings:

Here’s a close-up of Cody and Mary working on the safety railings:

One of Mary’s projects as an assistant technical director was to build the balcony rail. In this pic, it’s installed for rehearsal. Mary is seen in the doorway, still working on the safety railings:

Here we have Sam, Sam, and Harry attaching the Gripe doorway base structure to its doorstep wagon:

During the “monkey” scene in act two, a plate is broken. Here is props manager Abby painting the plastic plates that will be broken each night:

A view of the stage late on Thursday:

At tech Friday night, here is director Sara Griffin talking to a group of performers during the fight call. You can see the Spanish tiles installed around Traffick’s doorway, and a partially complete frame around Gripe’s doorway. That’s Lochlain in the foreground, as light board operator.

And finally, a moment from Friday night’s rehearsal, from behind the tech table:

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