The Busybody

I plan to get some photos of work in the shop in the next couple days, but in the meantime, here are two photos of the model. Because of time constraints I rarely build a fully colored model for our productions, but since we were exploring model building in Advanced Design Seminar, I felt that I should include myself in the exercises and build an example. Building the furniture was one of my Spring Break activities.

Here is the set up for Gripe’s interior:

And the set up for Traffick’s interior:

We’re also taking the play on a brief tour; a single performance at the Cravath Lake park pavilion in downtown Whitewater. The city didn’t have drawings of the space to share, so I and some students went down one afternoon and did a quick survey. After drafting the plan, I built a model in SketchUp so that we could all see how the furniture and portable scenic pieces could be arranged in the space.

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