Perfect Wedding

We head into technical rehearsals for “Perfect Wedding” tonight, so here are a few photos from earlier in the week.

First, some lighting work. Here we see Alexis atop the A-frame waiting for student lighting designer Trevor to check his paperwork. Two Intro to Theatre students foot the ladder.

Here’s Harry, up in the catwalks waiting his turn to focus a unit:

And then Trevor works with Harry on focusing that unit:

A shot of the full stage (guest scenic designer Emily Allen), with the grid lights on as focus gets under way:

Here’s Intro to Theatre student Grace running the light board during focus:

While Samantha organizes color:

Samantha is also the student stage manager for the production, so here’s a photo of her later in the afternoon, working on her prompt book in the green room:

Now, a trip to the costume shop, where with find costume shop supervisor Tracey Lyons busy at work:

Moira works on a dress:

As does Nala:

The last photo for the day features “Perfect Wedding” director Sara Griffin in class, working on some Shakespeare with some students. The door was open, I heard voices, stuck my head in. . .

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