The Busybody

Technical rehearsals begin later this week. Focus is done, except for things that need to get focused on the walls. We’ve got the pieces and are now starting to assemble them. The big items yesterday was getting the two major walls painted and raised.

Here’s from a day ago; the walls are almost done getting skinned with lauan:

Here’s Abby using a router to trim away excess around the openings:

At the end of the day yesterday, we stood the walls up and secured them with jacks so they could be used during that evening’s rehearsal:

Abby celebrates out accomplishment:

Abby is also the head of the props team, and here’s teammate Valerie (who is also in the show) working on the chimney board. Here she uses the bandsaw to cut out the legs:

And then a very detailed period paint treatment:

Seeing the star motif she selected, I decided to use a star motif for the changing screen. The chimney board is part of the Gripe household, and sticks to that house’s blue palette. The changing screen is part of the Traffick household, and sticks to that house’s golden Spanish motifs.

Here Cody and another student work on the doorstep platforms. There’s TD Ruth and Trevor in the background discussing the Gripe windows:

Ruth also decided to brush off her welding skills and use steel for the climbable trellis:

Here she is on the driveway behind the shop, preparing to grind down the burrs:

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