University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, October 2013
dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston
directed by Angela Ianonne
scenic design by Eric Appleton
lighting design by student Jayson Winslow
costume design by Marshall Anderson
props artisan student Christine Verseman
technical direction by Steve Chene

Note; the stage was set up stadium style in our black box theatre, the Hicklin.


Act One, in the study. The arrival of Van Helsing.


Near the end of Act One; Dracula comes for Mina.


Act Two; Dracula plants a suggestion in the maid’s mind.


The other end of the stage, set up for Mina’s bedroom. For Act three, the candle units rotated to reveal statues, and the bedding was removed to be replaced by a sarcophagus lid.


The bed/crypt area being restored to the bedroom.


The set under worklights; in this view the base moulding for the sarcophagus has just been glued into place and the balustrade through the French doors has yet to be painted.


One of the crypt statues, in progress. They were based on a famous statue from Graceland Cemetery, in Chicago.


The moon light box, in progress.


Student Isaac Cech rebuilds the bottom of the sofa.


Student Anna Wentzel working on the flown arches.


The study’s wallpaper pattern, in progress.


The facing, in progress.

Dracula Aug 28 Set in Space b

Sketchup model of the set, looking toward the bedroom.

Dracula Aug 28 Set in Space c

Model, looking in toward the study.

Dracula Aug 28 Set in Space d

Model closeup of the bedroom set-up.

Dracula Aug 29 Crypt

Model closeup of the crypt set-up.

drac sketch4

Early sketch.