Our Town

by Thorton Wilder
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Spring 2013
Young Auditorium
directed by Jim Butchart
scenic design by Eric Appleton (and Thornton Wilder)
lighting design by student Sean Jensen
costume design by Marshall Anderson
sound design by student Joe Berman

Our Town Act One Houses

Act One, the houses

Our Town Act One with Ladders

Act One, the houses with ladders.

Our Town Act Two Church

Act Two, the church

Our Town Act Three Graveyard

Act Three, the graveyard

our town graveyard gp 2

Drafted groundplans for acts one and two (photocopies)

Our Town 2013 037

Production photo, Act One, breakfast

Our Town 2013 088

Production photo, Act One, at the windows

Our Town 2013 203

Production photo, Act Two, the soda shop

Our Town 2013 320

Production photo, Act Three, the funeral

Our Town 2013 441

Production photo, Act Three, the stage manager says good night