Music in the Air

by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II
Music by the Lake at George Williams College of Aurora University
July 2012
Directed by Greg Ganakis, costume design by Tracey Lyons, scenic design by Eric Appleton, lighting by Pro-line Entertainment, all scenic painting by Eric Appleton
No propmaster, no stage manager, Kaylee Oost as entire backstage crew, lighting roughed in by Pro-line Entertainment
I must note that the director, design team, and production staff were again and again placed in difficult situations by the producer of this production.   After this experience, I cannot recommend seeking employment with this venue.

Technical Rehearsal; Upstage Flip Panels in the "Edendorf" Position


Technical Rehearsal


Set Loaded in, Waiting for First Rehearsal with Set to Begin


Paint Elevation for Stage Left











Most of the Paint Elevation for the Upstage Flip Panels, "Edendorf" Side

Stage Left Flats Completed







Flip Panels in Progress, "Munich" Sides, inspired by Gustav Klimt




Midstage Left Flats in Progress


Upstage Flip Panels in Progress


Midstage Right Flats in Progress


Downstage Right Flats Completed


Upstage Center "Edendorf" Panels Completed


Fake Reed Organ Built in Two Days by the Designer


Fake Reed Organ Turned into Fake Spinnet Piano


Marthe's Desk Under Construction (construction by Steve Chene)


Drafted Groundplan


Rough Google Sketchup Model with Wagons


Tracey Lyons, Greg Ganakis, and Scott waiting for the orchestra as we ready for Final Dress.