Perfect Wedding

We opened Robin Hawdon’s “Perfect Wedding” this past week and have just completed the strike. Here are some of the production photos from final dress. The production team included Sara Griffin director, student Sam Ness stage manager, Technical Director Ruth Conrad-Proulx, Em Allen guest scenic designer, student Nala Meikle costume and hair & make-up designer, student Ryan Meverden sound designer, student Cody Diedrich properties manager.

First, the set under work lights with the act curtain all the open:

Student sound operator Michael prepping for the show:

Student costume crew person Al working on cast member Core’s hair:

An early moment, as Rachel (Erin McKee) wonders what her fiance Bill (Carter Waelchli) and his friend Tom (Harry Heinrich) are doing on the other side of the suite’s door:

The chambermaid Julie (Core Miller) delivers some truths to Bill and Tom:

A full stage photo as the complications mount:

The mother of the bride (Emma Dutcher) arrives:

And the mess finally drives toward the consequences:

Of course, there’s a dance-y curtain call:

Now we’re heading into the production of “Grounded,” our second offering of the season!

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