by Kander and Ebb

Niagar University, 2008

directed by Bro. Augustin Towey, scenic design by Eric Appleton, costume design by Maureen Stevens

Caveat:   No matter how hard I tried to convince him otherwise, the director was insistent in his desire to more or less replicate what he had recently seen in New York.  Therefore there may be seen to be reluctant similarities between this design and that one.  At least there was no way to get a spiral staircase through the theatre’s doors.

black and white sketch

upstage wall with Grosz collage

the set under work lights; note the ashtrays with pre-smoked cigarettes. The pendant fixtures are not worklights, but part of the scenery.

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

At the boarding houseIn the Kit Kat Club

Taking Leave
In the Kit Kat Club