The Summer of Wellness (Part 3)

The Summer of Wellness (Part 3)

Throughout this summer blog series there will be health and wellness tips, workouts, healthy meal ideas, and how to care for your mental wellbeing. Follow along this summer to make a positive change in your lifestyle and wellbeing by doing simple activities, exercise, and caring for your mental health. 

In part 1 of this blog series, we talked about how to start your summer off on a strong and positive note. In part 2, we focused on healthy snack ideas with fresh fruits and vegetables. This third blog will be a new workout routine for you to try for the month of August. Below is workouts and rest days planned throughout the 30-days of August. This challenge is aimed towards doing different workouts at home to help you change the muscle groups you are strengthening. All these workouts can be adjusted by the amount of weight or reps that fit your workout style but try to push yourself the farthest you can go. Some workouts are dependent on the outside weather, so feel free to match this challenge to your schedule and weather. Some workouts also require locations to go to like a pool or lake. Try to find a body of water to get in some swimming cardio in this challenge! Most workouts will have links to help you through the challenge! Enjoy!

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120-minute full body Pilates
230-minute outdoor walk or bike ride*Try an incline for more of a challenge. *
430-minute Pilates workout
5Water aerobics (Shallow or deep w/float)
620-minute full body yoga (try it outdoors)*Add an outdoor or indoor 15-30 min walk/swim/run for a full workout. *
830-minute cardio lap swim (treading water, lap swim)
945-minute walk/hike (outdoors).*Try an incline for more of a challenge. **Try to run for 5 minutes and walk for 5 and repeat*
1020-minute at home full body workout
1230-minute full body at home circuit workout
1330-minute at home HITT Pilates workout
1430-minute walk/hike/run*Try an incline for more of a challenge. *
1545-minute cardio boxing 
1645-minute full body yoga
1730-minute leg day with dumbbells
1930-minute dance workout
2030-minute at home HITT workout
2245-minute recovery day yoga
2320-Minute Plyometrics HITT workout
2445-minute walk/hike (indoors or outdoors).*Try an incline for more of a challenge. **Try to run for 5 minutes and walk for 5 and repeat*
2630- minute below the belt: Boxing and kickboxing
2745-minute full body Pilates
29HARD circuit workout 
30LAST DAY!!!! Taylor Swift Dance Workout

Complete this challenge and see what you can do! Try to make these next 30 days a way to experience new workouts, work new muscles, and jump into spring and summer with your new strength!

Strive for progress, not perfection! 

Kayla Withrow

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