Farewell Warhawk Fitness

Farewell Warhawk Fitness

Wow where do I begin with this blog. This is my final blog I am writing for Warhawk Fitness, and I truly want to express my heartfelt gratitude. As an older sister, I have truly loved being able to write blogs with college advice or fitness and health tips to help other college students’ who are experiencing similar experiences that I have too. I have truly enjoyed creating content for these blogs and posting them on social media accounts that I managed. 

I started on the Warhawk Fitness PR team in April of 2020, about a month after everything had shut down due to the pandemic. Being a part of this team for a little over three years has taught me so many knew skills to writing blogs and how to gain attention of readers using social media content. This journey has brought me immense joy, and I am elated to have been given the opportunity to connect with all of you readers. 

I graduated with my undergraduate degree in May of 2022 with a major in communications emphasizing in corporate and health and minoring in human resources at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. In the last few days, I have graduated with my master’s degree in communications at UW – Whitewater, which gave me the opportunity to continue writing blogs for you all for another 18-months longer than my original graduation date. I am also excited to announce that I have accepted a Sales Management Trainee position at Enterprise in Waukesha, WI. 

Enough about me and my gratitude towards Warhawk Fitness, I want to give some final “big sister” advice to all college students or soon to be graduates going into the real world: 

  1. Don’t lose your hobbies!
    1. Have an escape away from school or work and make the time for yourself. Whether it is working out, going for a walk, getting crafty, or even cooking, always make the time for your hobbies. In college or in a full-time career, exhaustion and becoming burnt out is highly common so find activities you can still enjoy that’s not just scrolling on TikTok…
  2. Set goals for yourself.
    1. The piece of advice is given to students practically 24/7, but it helps to set boundaries for yourself. If you want to start working out, maybe set a goal you want to exercise for 30 minutes twice a week. Make a goal that is manageable and realistic for yourself. 
    2. It also helps to write down your goals or even share your goals with a friend or family member that can hold you accountable. Maybe that friend wants to start working out, find people to help you hold yourself accountable. 
  3. Eat like your life depends on it.
    1. My final piece of advice is to be aware of the food, drinks, or snacks you are putting into your body. I lived in a dorm my freshman year and I greatly struggled with not having access to meals that I could make myself other than a microwave. Eating at dining halls or other dining places on campus is a proven challenge for students because that is their only food option. Eating fruits and vegetables in these places proves even more of a challenge due to the lack of quality. I am telling you this not in hopes to change your meal plan or eating at the dining hall, but when you do get the chance to cook for yourself, take that opportunity. Social media is an excellent way to find easy recipes where you would only need a stove or an oven and very little cooking skills. You realize once you’re able to cook for yourself, you feel better after meals and you’re eating better. 
    2. Your diet is so important to staying healthy, having clear skin, creating healthy digestion, and staying hydrated. Try to avoid excessive amounts of fried foods, sugary sodas or drinks, or lots of processed foods. 

I have truly enjoyed writing blogs and managing the Warhawk Fitness social media accounts for the past three years. I will truly miss being able to use my creativity and help individuals who are looking for help and advice. Good luck on all your endeavors! 

Strive for progress not perfection!

Kayla Withrow

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