The Best Types of Exercises for Mental Health

Mental health determines how we think, act, and feel. At every stage in one’s life it is important to have balance in order to have a positive mindset and mental health. This mindset will have an effect on virtually every aspect of an individual’s life including their choices, outlook, and relationships. Therefore, in today’s blog I will be touching on the best types of exercises to do to improve one’s mental health. As usual, if you read this blog, implement these practices into your own life, or want to share your health and fitness journey with us please follow and tag us on our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook by searching UW-Whitewater Rec Sports or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @RecSports_UWW.

Best Exercises for Mental Health:

  • Cycling
    • There are a ton of health benefits when it comes to cycling. A few of these include reducing anxiety, depression, and stress according to a study published in Lancet Psychiatry. Additionally, cycling improves an individual’s self esteem and defends against cognitive decline which allows you to socialize with a lot more eaze.
  • Yoga
    • An article written by the American Psychological Association states that yoga aids in reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and lessening the effects of depression and insomnia. Those who struggle with mental health issues such as negative thought processes can benefit immensely from yoga.
  • Running
    • Running is one of the exercises people most commonly think of when they think of ways to relieve stress. Many say that running helps them control their thoughts and focus on important things in their lives. Overall, running is proven to improve mood and mental health in general
  • Aerobic Gym exercise
    • Aerobic exercise includes things such as the elliptical, rowing, or stair stepper machine, weightlifting, and boxing. All of these exercises can be done at the gym. Gym exercise overall is proven to reduce stress and improve one’s mental health.

Overall, any form of exercise is beneficial for mental health. What is important is enjoying what exercise you are doing. If you are not enjoying it it will not have the effects it is meant to have on your physical and mental well being. Do what you love and as always…

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel

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