Flexibility Exercises 

Flexibility Exercises 

Many people prioritize working out. However, not many people are willing to prioritize stretching and flexibility movements. Stretching your muscles to become more flexible and supple offers a variety of physical benefits. When wanting to build muscle, strength, and stability, flexibility training becomes crucial. Additionally, stretching and flexibility also allows for a greater range of movement and improved balance. Looking at long term benefits, flexibility helps in preventing injuries and back pain. Being someone who struggles with back pain and scoliosis, I really prioritize flexibility and stretching movements before and after I workout. Therefore, in today’s blog we will be discussing a variety of flexibility workouts that you can implement into your fitness routine starting now! As usual, if you read this blog, implement these practices into your own life, or want to share your health and fitness journey with us please follow and tag us on our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook by searching UW-Whitewater Rec Sports or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @RecSports_UWW. 

Three Crucial Flexibility Exercises 

● Lunges 

○ A lunge stretch is essential for reducing posture related pain. Especially for those of you who sit a lot during the day, these stretches will aid in removing the pain you feel after a long day of sitting at work. Specifically, a lunge with a spinal twist is great for hip flexors, quads, and back. Click here to see how to perform this stretch. 

● Hamstrings 

○ Having strong hamstrings enables your back, legs, knees, and hips to function properly. Increasing flexibility in these areas allows your body to perform smoothly workout after workout. The standing hamstring stretch, as shown here, stretches your glutes, neck, back, calves, and of course your hamstrings. Hold this for a minimum of 45 seconds to see results. 

● Hip Flexor 

○ I personally always have issues with my hip flexors. Therefore, the last stretch I will discuss is the lunging hip flexor extension. This will help with flexibility in your glutes, hips, and quads. See how to perform this here

Overall, stretching is important for boosting flexibility and preventing injuries. There are so many more stretches that could potentially help your mobility. The links above will lead you to a variety of different stretches you can start to do today! As always… 

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel