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What You Don’t Know About Whitewater

Origin of “Whitewater”   The name “Whitewater” comes from the Potawatomi Native Americans when they first settled along Whitewater Creek. They called it “Waubegannawpocat” (which translates to “white water”) because of the creek having white sand at the bottom. John… Continue Reading →

Life Hacks for College Students

Let’s face it. As college students, we typically don’t have a ton of time or money. When we find a cheaper or easier way to do something, we jump at the opportunity. Therefore, I’ve compiled a few nuggets of knowledge… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Wonderland

For many students, winter in Wisconsin can lead to a case of cabin fever extending for months on end. The world around you looks like a Winter Wonderland movie scene, but how do you enjoy it? For some, your weeks… Continue Reading →

How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro

So, you’ve ordered all your friends’ gifts and gotten them in the mail well before Christmas. You got each of them something that they’ve been talking about all year. Awesome! But there’s one small problem, the only way you’re able… Continue Reading →

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Ever wanted to dress up as your favorite fruit for Halloween but you don’t want to knock everyone over with your giant strawberry costume? Then look no further! These fruit costumes are super adorable and easy to make! All you… Continue Reading →

Hulu vs. Netflix

It’s that time of year again. Summer. The time where you get a break from all the studying for classes and taking exams (unless you have a summer class, then good luck to you!) It’s also the time of year… Continue Reading →

Then & Now: College Freshman Edition

So we have all had our expectations of what college was “supposed” to be. Growing up watching movies has given us the image of what college is supposed to be like. Countless parties, darties, drinks, fun with friends, and more…. Continue Reading →

UC Food Critics

841 Brewhouse Don’t let the simple name of Pub Burger from 841 Brewhouse fool you. The flavors of this meaty beast are quite complex. To increase both the size and flavor of the Pub Burger, I ordered it as a… Continue Reading →

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

With Halloween right around the corner, it can be hard to choose an awesome yet affordable costume in such a short time. Here are some impressive costume ideas that’ll give you bang for your buck! Only 90’s kids will understand… Continue Reading →

6 Best Road Trip Games

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to Florida, New Orleans, or Las Vegas. Long, boring car rides get the best of us. One of the fastest ways to make the time pass is to keep your mind active. 1) For starters,… Continue Reading →

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