With Halloween right around the corner, it can be hard to choose an awesome yet affordable costume in such a short time. Here are some impressive costume ideas that’ll give you bang for your buck!

Only 90’s kids will understand these nostalgic costumes:

  1. Sugar, spice and everything nice…? Don’t dress as your average spice girl. Throw it back with the Powerpuff Girls! All you’ll need is a (sky blue, pink or green) dress, thick black waist belt and white socks with black shoes. Get together with your friends and dress as the classic trio.
  2. What’s up, doc? Looking to win best couple this Halloween? This year, be your classic Bugs and Lola Bunny from Space Jam. Grab yourself a white tank top and duck tape your name in all caps “LOLA” and “BUGS” on the back of your shirts. Put on your white shorts, socks and your favorite bunny ears.
  3. Want to be unrecognizable this Halloween? Be so unrecognizable that your friends will be constantly asking, “Where’s Waldo?” That’s right. Put on any red and white striped shirt, jeans, a red beanie and thick black glasses to blend in.


Throwback is not really your style you say? Your friends will be in awe at how clever these costume ideas are:

  1. From the top! Start off with a white button up top, navy blue cardigan or blazer and a navy blue skirt. Don’t forget your yellow neck chief! Introducing the Barden Bellas, three time ICCA champions!
  2. Partner up this Halloween to Netflix and Chill. Write “Netflix” on a red top and “Chill” on a blue top. Then Netflix and Chill these tops with your Netflix and Chill partner.
  3. ‘Tis the season! Dress up as a hunter and a deer this Halloween. Put together your finest hunting gear and have your partner wear all brown. With a little face paint, you guys would definitely have a shot at best pair!
  4. Pom pom it up and be a gum ball machine. First, you’ll need any plain top that you’re willing to get covered in pom pom balls. Then hot glue pom pom balls all over your top, cover it up really good! Then wear red bottoms and you’re good to go! Be ready to collect 25 cents all night!


Looking to keep it original? Stick with these classic costumes:

  1. “What are you supposed to be?” “…a mouse, duh.” Grab a pair of any animal ears and add a little face paint. You can be any animal in the kingdom you wish.
  2. Grab a flannel and be your common scarecrow this year. Add a couple [fake] stitches on your face and you’re good to go! You could even top it off with a hat or some hay up your sleeves.
  3. Don’t just be an old wizard with the blue cape. Be a Hogwarts wizard, in any house you choose. Put on a white button up, black cape, and wear a tie that correlates with your house. Don’t forget to bring your wand to protect yourself from the Dark Lord.
  4. No need to wait for Homecoming week or Toga Tuesday. Grab your bed sheets and wrap it around you to make your toga. Don’t forget something to pin it all together! You can be a Greek or Roman god/goddess.