So, you’ve ordered all your friends’ gifts and gotten them in the mail well before Christmas. You got each of them something that they’ve been talking about all year. Awesome! But there’s one small problem, the only way you’re able to successfully wrap a present is by buying a gift bag and tossing it in. Fear not, for I have a step by step guide to help you wrap those presents like a pro.

1Step 1: Gather your supplies

Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbon, and a box are all you’ll need. Putting your gift in a box (if it didn’t already come in one) is important because a box is one of the easiest things to wrap. Just make sure the gift is well padded and can’t shift around in the box.




Step 2: Cut the paper

Measure the box and add a few inches to both dimensions. This will give you some wiggle room and enough extra paper for step four. Cut the paper as straight as possible, however it does not have to be perfect.



3Step 3: Tape one end

Flip the box upside down onto the paper and tape one end of the paper to the middle of the bottom of the box. Try to center the box as best as possible on the paper to make sure the ends will look similar.




Step 4: Fold the paper4

Although this step is optional, it adds a more professional look and allows you to make the end of the paper straight if your cutting skills were less than stellar.



5Step 5: Tape the other end

Wrap the paper around the box and place a piece of tape to secure it. Wrap it tightly, but be careful not to rip the paper. The seam you just created should be somewhere close to the middle of the box.




Step 6: Fold the sides

Hold the box upside down. On one end of the box, take both hands and fold the paper on the short side inwards.


7Fold the paper from the bottom of the box down, then the paper from the top of the box upwards (covering the seam).





Place a piece of tape on the middle edge of the paper to secure the side. Then, just repeat step six on the other side. (Your sides should look like the photo to the right).8




11Step 7: Add Ribbon

Flip the box upside down and place the ribbon underneath the box. Then cross the two ends of the ribbon and twist.




Bring the two ends of the ribbon around the sides of the box and onto the top. Tie a bow and trim the ends of the ribbon. (Pro Tip: Cut the ends at an angle to give the bow a more decorative look)


At this point, your present should look like this:


Step 8: Add a nametag

This step is optional, but takes an average looking present to the next level. Start by cutting a small piece of the same wrapping paper you used for the box. Fold it in half to make a little “book”. Tape the bottom of the book to your present and write who the present is for and who it’s from.


That’s it, you’re done! Now you have a gift that looks like it was wrapped by one of Santa’s elves.

Merry Christmas!