So we have all had our expectations of what college was “supposed” to be. Growing up watching movies has given us the image of what college is supposed to be like. Countless parties, darties, drinks, fun with friends, and more. You have waited your whole life to live up to the expectation of American Pie, Blue Mountain State, Project X, and many more college based movies.  The sad fact though is these are movies and many do not come close to what college actually is like. Here are five expectations we thought college was like versus what it actually is like.

  1. Expectation– Growing up and getting out of the house because you’re tired of your parents bossing you around all the time.

Reality- Calling your parents asking them for a couple hundred bucks to spend on miscellaneous items and going home every other weekend due to homesickness.

  1. Expectation-Partying every weekend with your bros/gals and living it up for the next four years.

Reality- Hanging out with a bunch of people while standing in a hot room trying to breathe and can barely move left or right.

  1. Expectation- Your roommate will be your best friend forever and you’ll spend your time here living it up with each other.

Reality- Either you really will be best friends forever, or you will be searching for a new roommate because the one you have is……. Yeah.

  1. Expectation- Enrolling in an 8AM class because you did it in high school so why the heck not?

Reality- Barley can roll out of bed, half asleep in class, barely taking notes, and coffee ain’t helpin’. WELP.

  1. Expectation- Finding time to just relax, chill, and take a nap.

Reality- You have countless classes, an exam every three weeks in all of them, and you cram four chapters because you spent too much time “relaxing”. Then on the exam, it says “What is the Journal Entry for if a kangaroo and a chimpanzee drove a bus to work?” What does that even mean?

Either way, it goes, we’ve all had our expectations of the college world and what it should’ve been like. Based on what we’ve seen growing up expectation does not always meet reality. Keep your head in the game and trust me, college is a great time.  I would like to hear about what you guys thought about when you first got here. Comment down below and let me know what you thought of college before you got here.