Let’s face it. As college students, we typically don’t have a ton of time or money. When we find a cheaper or easier way to do something, we jump at the opportunity. Therefore, I’ve compiled a few nuggets of knowledge for you as you continue your college career.


DIY Coffee Maker

I don’t know about you, but I rarely get my full 8 hours of sleep each night while juggling school and a social life.If you ever find yourself without a coffee maker, here’s the hack for you. All you need is two cups, ground up coffee, boiling water, and a paper towel. Place coffee grinds in the first cup. Then pour boiling water in and stir. Immediately cover the cup with the second cup for 3-4 minutes lining up the rims. Then take the empty top cup and place a paper towel over the top, pushing it in a third of the way acting as a filter. Finally, pour the coffee concoction in the filter and slowly take out the filter after its done collecting the grinds. Enjoy!


Hulu & Spotify

Have you heard the glorious news? Honestly, the best thing that came out of 2017 was that Spotify decided to start handing out Hulu subscriptions to its student members. As broke college students, we already get half off the regular Spotify membership, but this incredible streaming service just never stops giving.


Studying Motivator

We all have times where we lack the motivation to study, especially when it means staring at a long textbook for hours. Try this trick next time you find yourself losing the motivation to continue. Put little candies after each page or paragraph, like M&M’s or Skittles. Reward yourself for finishing a chunk of reading because you know what, you deserve it!


Smelly Dorm

Wondering what that mysterious odor is in your room? So are we, but you can cover it up with this little trick! Just grab one of your dryer sheets and tape it over your fan. This will leave your room smelling freshly cleaned, even if it’s been months since you last touched a vacuum.



I hope these help you through your college career as you continue ballin’ on a budget. So this semester, go forth and conquer!