For many students, winter in Wisconsin can lead to a case of cabin fever extending for months on end. The world around you looks like a Winter Wonderland movie scene, but how do you enjoy it? For some, your weeks are brimming with school, work, and extra-curriculars. The weekend provides the perfect opportunity to escape this chaos; however, you would much rather enjoy it indoors. Whitewater and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to enjoy the Winter Wonderland both indoors and outdoors! Here are just a few of your options…




If you are looking for a way to slide smoothly (or potentially with a few bumps and obstacles) through your weekend, King Park Sledding in Milton offers the perfect hill to do so!


Ice Skating:

Anxious to get up and moving? While many local lakes, as well as indoor facilities, are available to skate on, Air Products ice rink in Milton is an outdoor skating facility that offers free skates to rent as supplies last.



Dreaming of a winter vacation? Alpine Valley Ski resort may be one of the quickest ways to whisk yourself away from your typical southern Wisconsin sights. While it is necessary to rent skis if you do not already own them, it is well worth it for the laughs and memories with friends.



Roller Blading:

Maybe you love the feeling of gliding, but the cold ice is not for you. Trackside skating in Burlington provides the opportunity to show off your skills as you glide around in warmth.



Searching for something out of the ordinary? Challenge yourself and friends on a variety of rock-climbing walls. Who knows, maybe by the end of winter you will even have a new skill to take outside!


University Center:

If you are looking for something a little closer for a week night or even just a simple weekend, the University Center offers constant options for every person. Take a break in your busy schedule and enjoy activities ranging from bowling, ping-pong, and billiards in Warhawk Alley, to free workshops in Roberta’s Art Gallery, live performances in the Down Under, and movies in Summers Auditorium.