Tell us a little bit about yourself

  My name is Annika Potter, I use she/her/hers pronouns and have been a UC employee for 3 years now. I work for the HawkCard Office as the HawkCard Office Student Lead, and Warhawk Pantry Student Assistant.

Tell us a little bit about your unit

   The HawkCard Office provides assistance to incoming freshman, transfers, and current students of UW-Whitewater. We table the SOAR events in the summer and throughout the summer to help students have the most seamless college experience as possible. We also distribute the HawkCards, what students need to get as their key to campus for college. We give knowledge on Purple Points, Dining Dollars, and anything meal plan related as well.

What does an average day look like working for the UC? What does your position entail?

   An average day can include a multitude of things! From new students and staff retrieving their HawkCards, to adding or changing someone’s meal plans. We also constantly are adding students Purple Points and Dining Dollars at the counter and online.

What does being a UC employee mean to you?

   Being a UC employee means a lot to me. I started college during the pandemic and had no sense of belonging here at Whitewater. I almost transferred schools due to my lack of involvement and connectivity throughout campus. But once I found a job here at the HawkCard Office for the summer, I realized that there is so much out there for me to learn and explore. Now I feel like I finally belong, and my connections and bonds created through this position will last me a lifetime. I have become stronger, and I have become a leader since working here and even at the Warhawk Pantry.

What are some of the most memorable days/moments working for the UC?

   My most memorable days working in the UC would have to be from the summer. I have had endless laughs, and being one of the first people to connect students within Whitewater is something I wish I could continue doing forever! The ice cream we got from the SOARS has always been great, and people remembering me from their day of SOAR is something I had no clue would make a lasting impact on me as well as others. I also have just had some amazing personalities come to the counter and give me a great laugh.

Why should students visit the UC?

   Students should visit the UC because it is a safe space. Students can be themselves and be their most authentic selves. The workers are friendly, helpful, and can connect you to any resources you may need. There are also so many fun things to do! From watching movies in Summers, to Mario Kart Tournaments in Warhawk Alley. I personally never get bored here. The food here is also super enjoyable.

How will your position at the UC help you in your future career?

   My position at the UC has helped me for my future career in a multitude of ways. I have become more confident, outgoing, resourceful, timely, and positive through working here at the HawkCard Office. Although I am unsure of what my future career will be, I am sure that I will be the best version of myself I can be. I feel very prepared for the real world ahead of me.

How do you balance school, work, extracurricular activities, and a social life?

   It isn’t always easy, but I balance a plethora of things when it comes to work, friends, and a social life. I am involved by working 2 on-campus jobs, being a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity, and I currently hold a director position within that. Being a student lead at the HawkCard Office, I am constantly training, and this leaves me with less time to do homework among other school activities. All this to say, I do this by prioritizing myself above anyone else! I know that if I am not at my best mentally, I will not be able to work and live life to my fullest potential. Self-love and acceptance used to be something I struggled with, but now I embrace it each and every day.