Hey Warhawks, are you up for a bit of light reading this year? Expand your horizons and pick up a book from your local library or bookstore and learn something new! I have always loved to read and found that once I got to college, time to read became shorter and harder to find. I set a goal, each night, after plugging in my electronics, I try to read 1 chapter in a book, or if I am tired I will read only 10 pages. You can set a reasonable goal to fit in your schedule and change your life one page at a time. Some of the books I found can help any student navigate their way through adulthood. Find a genre that you enjoy reading and learning about to help yourself be the most successful during your time in school. You can find books on quite literally anything and you should learn to love reading. Start small and any progress made is good enough.

Check out my Amazon wishlist “Books for College Students” to purchase any of the books mentioned below and start your at home library!

College Life

Books to Build a Healthy Mindset and Habits

Business Books

Athletic Books

Books for Emerging Teachers

Post College Books

College Romance Books

College Art Books

If you made it to the end of this blog, congratulations on jumping into your reading journey! If you read any of these book recommendations, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and feel free to recommend any other books I might have missed. Happy reading:)