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Wisconsin Haunted Road Trip

By: Bailey Gaffney I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about all of the spooky things that happen here in Whitewater. If you haven’t, I recommended reading some of our other blogs such as “Who Were the… Continue Reading →

Morris Pratt And The Temple of Psychic Science in Whitewater

Written by: Carol Cartwright of the Whitewater Historical Society Edited by: Bailey Gaffney Morris Pratt was one of the many Americans who immigrated to Wisconsin from New York State in the 1840s.  He came with his family as a young… Continue Reading →

Who Were the Whitewater Spiritualists?

Written by: Carol Cartwright of the Whitewater Historical Society Edited by: Bailey Gaffney Many of the “spooky” legends of Whitewater may be traced back to real history.  For example, in 1889, Morris Pratt, a Spiritualist, built a “Temple of Psychic… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Cemeteries & The Witches Triangle

Everyone has heard of the “Witches of Whitewater” but did you know about the Whitewater Cemeteries? The city of Whitewater has three cemeteries, which make up a perfect isosceles triangle. The three cemeteries are: Calvary Cemetery, on the north side… Continue Reading →

Why Haunted Houses Are the Worst

Halloween is just around the corner, which means haunted houses are up and running! Some people really get into this holiday and love every second of it, while others (such as myself) hate it. I’m not saying I hate Halloween… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Legends

As all the students and townspeople know, Halloween is a special time of year to be in Whitewater. Nicknamed “The Second Salem” Whitewater has a prominent and mysterious history with the paranormal. It all began with the construction of the… Continue Reading →

The True Story About Old Main

Most people forget that there once was a building on campus called Old Main. The only time it is really ever mentioned is when a student takes a campus tour, or there’s an event in the Old Main Ballroom in… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Spirit Tour

Whitewater has been known as the Second Salem for some time now. This past weekend, I went on the Spirit Tour, which was put together by Whitewater’s Chamber of Commerce. The two-hour long tour brought us through the city of… Continue Reading →

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins: Hauntings at UW-Whitewater

Creaking stairs, ghosts running through residence halls, haunted sorority houses, an equilateral triangle of cemeteries, and even a locked book that brings death to anyone who looks at its pages:  Welcome to Halloween in the second Salem, or as local… Continue Reading →

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