841 Brewhouse

Don’t let the simple name of Pub Burger from 841 Brewhouse fool you. The flavors of this meaty beast are quite complex. To increase both the size and flavor of the Pub Burger, I ordered it as a double and with cheddar cheese. Accompanying my savory sandwich were some of 841 Brewhouse’s French fries and a cold glass of their house IPA. This combination was sure to take my pallet on a delectable adventure straight to Flavor Town, USA. As the first bite of juicy goodness met my tongue, I was overwhelmed with the buttery cheese and the slight chewiness of the beef. The simplicity of the sandwich helped each subtle flavor shine through to conglomerate into one zesty bite after another. The French fries, lightly seasoned and not overly spicy, helped break up the richness of the burger. The cold sips of tart IPA washed down each heavenly morsel. And before I knew it, the basket was empty. My trip to Flavor Town had ended just as quickly as it had started.

-Blake Fowler


Rosa’s PizzaPicture1

At first glance, Rosa’s pizza located downtown may seem like your average pizza place. Don’t let this modest look fool you, the best pizza in town is located within those walls. A 16 inch stuffed pizza filled with delicious mozzarella cheese and fresh, quality green peppers. The sauce, perfect. The cheese, packed in to the max.  As you near the crust of this pizza you may think that the best is over. Guess again, the crust is like a cheese stuffed breadstick bonus. Crispy on the outside, but soft and full of cheese on the inside. Pair this pizza with a ranch cup and you’ve got a fantastic meal.

-Avery Jenks





Coyote GrillIMG_7640

As one of the most underrated bars in Whitewater, Coyote Grill is the place to go for a burger. Every burger is out of this world and reasonably priced.  I prefer the Coyote Burger which is topped with a sweet, zesty barbecue sauce and a crispy onion ring.  Delectable pepper-jack cheese is perfectly melted on the house burger as well as crispy smoked bacon. It normally comes on Texas toast but you can also ask for a scrumptious Kaiser roll.  With every bite the delicious patty melts in your mouth.  This burger will satisfy any meat craving without breaking the bank!

-Tina Gaggioli





Second SalemSecond Salem

Who doesn’t love Second Salem?  They have a wide-variety of options that everyone loves.  This week, I ordered the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and a side of beer cheese soup.

Kicking back on my recliner and watching Friends, I begin to consume an overwhelming amount of cheese and noodles.  The noodles were cooked to perfection, the cheese was cheesy, and the soup was warm and hearty.  And to top it all off, they give you a soft pretzel stick.

As I slowly fell into a food coma, I would highly recommend this wonderful meal.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add bacon, steak, or pork to your Mac & Cheese.

–  Alec Meixelsperger


Jersey Mike’sPicture1

If you are looking for a sandwich in Whitewater that will knock your socks off go to Jersey Mike’s. The number 42 or the 43 you cannot go wrong with. They are both versions of a Philly cheesesteak. One with succulent beef that just slides onto the bun ever so gently and one that is chicken that is so fresh it may as well have come straight from the farm. The delectable number 43 is my favorite sandwich from any sub shop in Whitewater. The soft parmesan bread just blends into the meat and cheese of the sandwich. Jersey Mike’s loads up the sandwich, so there will never be a shortage of meat. With the meat, cheese, peppers, onions, and chipotle mayo, this sandwich should be on the top of your must try list.

-Mat Wendler



As my love for Mexican food has been without a doubt very strong since the day I was born, I can say that Qdoba meets some of the expectations. I go there for a steak or chicken bowl. It includes brown rice, sometimes black beans or no beans at all, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and three cheese queso. Oh….My…..Goodness, what would life be without Qdoba? Anyone who eats here knows what I’m talking about when I talk about the taste of their food. The nice thing about it, is that it could be a substitute for a meal prep if a person is on a strict diet. Or, it can be an enjoyable and scrumptious meal. Qdoba, you are a 10/10.

– Joshua Barrow




La Tienda

If the Food Network has shown me anything, it’s that the best food comes from the places you least expect. The hole-iIMG_1163n-the-wall joints owned by mom and pops found in the back of your grandma’s nail salon. Well, La Tienda isn’t found in the back of your grandma’s nail salon but it’s found in the back of the La Tienda grocery store. The food here is as authentic to a Mexican grandmother’s cooking as you’re going to find, except it’s made by Luis. Luis and his staff know how to fill you with delicious tacos. Each bite so succulent, always better than the last. Chicken, steak or pork (or all 3) cooked to perfection topped with nothing more than chopped white onion, cilantro, and whichever salsa you desire (I’m partial to salsa verde). Regardless, I urge you to drop your Taco Bell tacos this very moment and go get some real food in the back of a grocery store because you won’t regret it.

-Adrian Diaz