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All great workouts and pregame start with a great playlist so below I have attached three of my personal playlists I listen to the most for my workouts and for my pregame warmups. I have catered to a majority of audiences for you guys featuring playlists of Dance (Sophomore Static), Rap (I Don’t Get Tired), and then Rock (DUSK 2 DAWN). Having a good playlist to listen to is important because it gets your mind in the right place to compete and to achieve your goals. It’s easy to get after it in competition when you’re already pumped so these playlist will get you there. Most importantly, when you listen to music before you compete or workout visualize yourself in the moment of competing and picture yourself doing what you would like to do. It is proven that visualization before competing is advantageous to an athlete because it triggers a reaction in your brain that brings positivity and trust in yourself so that you genuinely believe you can do anything.

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