Tuesday, April 18th, 2017...1:24 am

Marketing Yourself

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Marketing yourself might not be a such a bad thing after all. Often times athletes get a bad reputation because of a select few who are not good people. These athletes often define what the public sees as athletes but in the grand scheme of it all this is not what we are. Marketing yourself as an athlete is good. It’s good because like yourself, there are many athletes out there. These athletes have teams that they form bonds with and this bond making team mentality can transcend into the professional world as well. Working well in teams is essentially to almost every career and being an athlete gives you the leg up in that portion of professionalism.

Basketball huddle-hands

It does because you have already dealt with all kinds of teammates and all kinds of struggles together. You have adapted to overcome situations with them and have succeeded together. This skill of meshing well with others and contributing individually but also contributing as a team is essential in any professional environment you are looking to work in the future.

Being an athlete is more than being athletic, it means that you are a competition driven team-oriented individual who can accomplish any task at hand to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

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