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15 Minute Upper-Body Home Workout

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No time to go to the gym and train? Want to do some extra reps to get even better? Well then this 15 minute workout I do in the morning is the workout for you! This workout is purely upper-body so in a later post I will include a separate lower-body home workout. This upper-body workout consists of four variations of pushups. You will do these four variations for five minutes straight doing five reps of each before your switch to the other variation and taking a two¬†and a half minute break after each set. There will be two sets total totaling 10 minutes of working out and then five minutes of rest to complete the workout. Now let’s get right into the workout:


Wide Stance Pushup


Your first variation of pushups will be the wide stance pushup. The wide stance pushup will incorporate mainly the chest and shoulders but will also include your triceps.

5 reps


Normal Pushup


The next variation of pushup you will immediately get into is the normal pushup. The normal pushup incorporates the chest, triceps, and shoulders equally.

5 reps


Diamond Pushup


Following the normal pushup you will get into the diamond pushup. The diamond pushup primarily works on your triceps.

5 reps


Pike Stance Pushup


Finally you will do a pike stance pushup. This variation of pushup primarily incorporates the shoulders.

5 reps

After your pike stance pushup you go right back into the wide stance pushup and repeat the cycle until five minutes are up. Follow the time schedule I included above to complete the entire workout. Now with this workout you have a good at home upper-body workout that you can get stronger with everyday.


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