Tuesday, April 18th, 2017...1:15 am

Why Physique Hunting Is Bad

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So you’re watching your favorite movie and the actor or actress in it is looking really good. They toned, sculpted, shredded, etc. You seem them and then you see yourself with their body. Okay, you did that? Now stop that. Physique hunting is bad for you and here’s why.


Physique hunting from an athlete’s perspective is not a good thing. It’s not because it limits your potential to become a better athlete and not a better looking person. Trying to become a better looking person and not becoming a better athlete is harmful for an athlete because you may alter the way you do things. Altering the way you do things is very harmful to your athletic career because it breaks routines, can hurt your strength or flexibility, or it can also harm your sport specific movements.

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Think of it this way, if you were a cross country distance runner you wouldn’t want to be the size of a bodybuilder. You wouldn’t want to be was cool as that would look because all that weight would put stress on your joints, slower your times, and even hinder your running mechanics. Physique hunting is not good while you’re an athlete because it does not consider your sport and its movements and skills. Training for a better body is good but try to change for an overall healthier or sport specific body instead of one that looks great on film.

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