Tuesday, April 25th, 2017...9:53 pm

End of Season Wrap-Ups

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At the end of every season it’s important to reflect on it. Reflecting on your season makes you either feel accomplished or it makes you feel motivated and hungry for more due to it not panning out how you would have liked. Reflecting by yourself is good but where you really want to reflect is within your teammates and your coaches.


Your teammates and your coach will give you very valuable information on how you can improve and what exactly needs to be improved. Before you leave for home for the summer and won’t see them for awhile it is important to touch base with your coaches at the very least. Often times your coaches will have very specific things that they would like you to focus on in the summer so that you can improve overall. Take this advice to heart and use it so that you can do what they say and accomplish what is best for you and for your team.



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