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Let’s Talk About Coaches

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Like my title says, let’s talk about coaches. Coaches are a pivotal part of your athletic career. They’re with you from when you start to when you end even though they may change. You may love them and you may hate them. It’s a fact of the game you play that you need a coach because you can always improve and learn more about your game. In my personal opinion there are three types of coaches and I will list them and what each coach does below now:


The Bad Coach:

Any experienced athlete has had one and it is something we all must deal with. A bad coach is one who doesn’t see potential in you, doesn’t put in the time with you, brings you down, or maybe doesn’t even acknowledge you. These coaches are toxic and often do nothing to help you so from my personal experience I want you to learn from them. Learn to be better and to take your craft seriously. Even though you may not be the best you can put in the time yourself to develop your skills. The year you have that coach may not be a good year in the development of your craft but keep your head up and keep working because you’ll pull through.


The Mediocre Coach:

Okay, so this coach tends to come into an athlete’s life around the middle school years. This coach is often a parent or someone in your community who steps up to coach because no one else wants to or maybe they always wanted to coach. Say a thank you to these coaches because they’re stepping up to do something others won’t but at the same time consider these coaches with a grain of salt. Often these coaches don’t understand the game entirely and are the coach from their coaches watching sports. They think that they know how to apply this coaching into the real thing but often it doesn’t work out. Now, just because this coach doesn’t know it all doesn’t mean you should argue with them because you should never argue with a coach unless you have a good cause and right to do so. coach-cartoon

The Good Coach:

The good coach is one who isn’t just a coach for your sport but who is also a coach for your life. Often times these are the coaches with the best records, the best players, and things like that. That is because they put the effort in to help each player with their skills as well as their lives. These coaches act as mentors, father figures, and much more to athletes than they may comprehend. Thank you to the coaches who do this because this is what makes athletes love their sport and it helps them create a lifelong passion for sports and are prepped for success in life in the future as well.

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