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Three Core Strengthening Exercises

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As an athlete arguably the most important muscle you can train is your core or your abs. Your core is connected to many other muscles and it a foundation for balance, and more athletic movements. Below I will list three great exercises to strengthen your core so that you have an edge on the competition and perform elite.

1. Weighted Sit-up


The weighted sit-up is a nice exercise for your core because not only does it keep the muscle contracted by being in a sit-up position but it is also weighted or resisted so it activates the muscle even more and makes it harder to complete the movement. Shoot for 50 reps with a weight that challenges you but allows you to complete all 50.


2. Weighted Cable Crunch


The weighted cable crunch works your abs a lot. In order to perform it you will grab a rope at the pull machine and lower so that when you kneel it is just slightly above your head. Then from there you just pull down until you hit your legs. With this exercise you have freedom of weight to add what you please to challenge yourself.


3.  Planks


Planks are a great way to involve not only your abs but also lots of other muscles as well. Being in an elevated pushup position makes it harder on your core and allows you to incorporate multiple muscles into one bodyweight exercise.

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