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Fat Burning Supplements

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So you’re trying to slim down for something? Well often time to cut weight or to just feel better about their goals athletes incorporate fat burners into their diet. Fat burners are supplements that essentially heat you up or work internally to make you sweat more and initiate the fat burning process quicker and more effectively. Below I will list a couple easy to use fat burners that you can look into.



Caffeine acts as a fat burner because it’s a stimulant. Caffeine has been known to slightly up your metabolism and cause it to work better. Chemically it binds to your fat receptors and helps break down fats.

Green Tea Extract:


Green tea aids fat loss by boosting the number of calories you burn in a day. That’s why you hear of people going on a green tea diet and losing all this weight! You can take it 30 mins prior to training or just whenever in your day.


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