Coming to a house near you…

The following VIDEO documents the search of some 100,000 registered sex offenders who change addresses without reporting their new one. The failure to report one’s new address is a serious misdemeanor (sometimes felony) in most states. The interview with the apprehended sex offender is interesting, however. Has our society placed too many rules on individuals with sex offenses? What should we do with these individuals? Maybe just lock them all up? Losen regulations? Thoughts?

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  1. Antonio Mendoza says:

    This is a very sensitive topic. It cannot be said that our society has implemented too many rules on individuals with sex offences. After cases of missing children and the ones not missing, but those share the same sexual molestation by an adult (18 and older) we can said that such rules are necessary. We need to continue with the rules and regulations in place, and offer counseling to those sex offenders. Loosening the regulations is not going to help the sexually abuse children. I think that we need think about this issue as who gets protected and benefited from these regulations, in this case the children are.

  2. Maxwell H. says:

    I agree that sex offenders who change addresses should report it and I also agree that if they do not report it, they should be charged with a felony. I understand that not ALL sex offenders are sick child molesters and that if a 18 year old had sex with a 17 year old the 18 year old could be labeled a sex offender. With that being considered, I think there should be a way to separate the child molesters and the 18 year old that had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend. I think there should be very strict rule and regulations for the child molesters and less strict rules and regulations for latter.

  3. Taylor Viets says:

    Since the offenders in this case are hurting children, this obviously is a very touchy subject. That being said, most people are going to lean toward harsher penalties for sex offenders not reporting a change of address with myself included. I personally believe sexual predators are the lowliest of all criminals and deserve the strictest punishments. For that reason, if predators fail to report a change of location then they should be charged with a felony. However, I also agree with what Max said. If an 18 year old had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend and is under the label of sex offender for it, he should not face as harsh of a penalty as others. I think we should be more focused on the sick perverts, such as the 45 year old men who rape their 5 year old nieces than those participating in teenage sex. I realize it’s hard to draw a line between the two and possibly somewhat unconstitutional, but the sick demented perverts deserve everything they got coming to them. We certainly don’t need creepy Mr. Johnson who gives “candy” to the little ones roaming the streets; it’s an unsafe situation for all. I surely hope America keeps up their intolerance of these heinous acts and keeps a watchful over all of its sex offenders.

  4. Mariah Galarza says:

    Watching this video segment actually scares me because you arent really aware of who is living next to you. I appreciate the community and law enforcement taking the necessary precautions to keep record of these offenders. The offenders hiding out only makes matters for themselves worse, because record is supposed to be kept of the neighborhood and housing that they live in. Certain offenders have tight restrictions in which they are supposed to be followed. I do understand that some offenders want to just live in peace without their neighbors knowing who they are and the crime they have committed but it is to keep the community around them save, not to put them to shame. Sex offenders seem to have it the worst because of them causing bodily harm to others and especially children. I hope that the community continues to crack down on these hidden offenders because it helps keep the community save.

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