One of the Oldest Professions around…

 Wow, there are so many good articles out this week.  It was rather difficult for me to decide which one to choose.  That said i want to ask you to click on the link below and read about one of the oldest professions in our history, prostitution:

So, howe do you feel about this profession? Should it be legalized in all U.S. States to make it safer for the individuals who enter the profession or should we close the doors to all of these types of establishments? Is it “just another job” like the one woman says?

14 responses to “One of the Oldest Professions around…”

  1. Howard Ross says:

    Bad for the ladies who work in this seedy profession. Crime, drugs, pimps, and diseases follow in its wake.

  2. Katie Gottschalk says:

    I feel that it is a negative profession in general. I don’t agree with it whether a person is working in a brothel or getting clients off the streets. It is sad to me in general that people would pay for sex and even more sad that people would take money for it. I don’t think that it is just another job regardless of how many people say that it is their career. I think it is sad that people feel they don’t have other options to make money and provide for their family. I think that there are other options out there for these women and maybe they will have to suffice for getting a paycheck every other week or maybe get two jobs. Selling your body is something I think is really degrading and should not even be an option.

  3. Ashley says:

    I agree that it is a negative profession. I could never understand why people would pay to have sex with someone and then in return why you would wanna get paid for what you “offer”. I dont know how these people live with themselves. I know that times can get pretty tight money wise but i think that there are other oppurtunities that people could take before they offer to sell themselves. Obviously the next big thing is STD’s, these people have no ieda what the other person has and that is very risky. I dont think its just another job because there are other things that they can do besides this. I dont understand how these women have any self esteem!

  4. E. Henry says:

    Being a mother of two daughters this is the last thing I would want them to look into. I have met a few ladies my age (28) that have been strippers and from that they became escorts. Most say they get paid for their company…there is no sex involved. Honestly…getting paid $1000 just to attend some work function with a guy who normally would not have a date does not sound so bad….staying with a bunch a people the whole night is where it gets tricky! For those ladies who do escort without sex can get in trouble when the guy wants more…a few of them told me they were forced to have sex…so they were raped and they never reported it, because when it was done the guy threw more money at them and I guess that made it all better!
    I do not see the benefits of legalizing prostitution in any form. Its degrading. Yeah money is good especially in large amounts…but is it really worth your dignity? If they are gonna have these escort services…then there should be a “bodyguard” behind the scenes so to speak, for those women who do not wish to get physical. I can see the reasoning behind wanting an escort service like that….because face it…some people just arent cut out for dating and need assistance which they can pay for! But paying for sex I believe is wrong.

  5. Jimmy Lee says:

    I don’t agree on this profession, but if women were given the legalized rights to do it, than it’s their choice. People have the right to live their lives, women who agree to prostitution need to know its advantages / disadvantages / consequences.

  6. Jessy Schultz says:

    A profession can not exist without customers and apparently the prostitution business is sadly a solid profession. I dont think it is a good “career path” to try but when it comes dow n to surviving people will do anything that they need to. These women got hooked because they were used to just “pleasuring” men in whatever ways asked of them and they made decent money. If money comes in great amounts and the work they are doing to earnit doesnt bother them then that is the choice they make for themselves. If it works for them who is anyone to judge them for it?

  7. Karen Drydyk says:

    As I said on the first day of class, industrialization began people selling themselves / their time in this world for money. People seek out many other pleasures via fatty foods, bars with alcohol, etc., etc. I do not think that sex should be seen as much other than a similar selling of one’s self. With the rise of contraceptives, sex has become more than procreation, it’s recreation. I believe that if legalized, these women would have rights and protection under the law. They would be a taxed profession. We all sell ourselves, but just for different things.

  8. Ashley Von Eschen says:

    I also do not agree with this “profession.” I think that it is sad that women have to stoop down to that level just to support their families. I feel like women should have exhausted every other means to make money before they go into this “profession.” I do feel like it should be legalized only because there will always be women doing it and men receiving it. Legalization will make it safer for those women, both in health and danger. They will get regular health checkups and be in safe areas. I do not think that it is just “another job” as the woman said because then people would not be going to jail for doing it. It does bring in money like every other job, but so does drug selling and other things like that which ends you up in jail.

  9. Alyssa Skiba says:

    While I do disagree with prostitution, I understand why women do it. In the article, all of the women attributed their involvement as a way of getting enough money to take care of children and make ends meet. It is also the result of psychological and other kinds of abuse. Brothels at least offer testing and so I think that legalization would help the women who are doing this. Like most of them said, they would not want to be doing it for the rest of their life, but if they needed to make fast cash then they could. I guess it’s a way for the U.S. to maintain some kind of control over STDs and the other results of prostitution. You always hear about prostitutes being abused or murdered, although I’m not sure how often that happens. In any case, this could curb that trend as well.

  10. Beth Kohlhoff says:

    I agree with much of what Karen said that we all sell ourselves and our time in one way or another and some of us are better marketers.
    I equate prostitution witj abortion in that both are less than ideal situations to be placed in. The wome in each situation are making a less than desireable choice when faced with a situation. Women who are in the position of having to chose abortion are not likely to be happy about it or like it they make the choce based on whether or not their futures or current situations could benefit from it. The same goes for prostitution. Both choices are not mine to make. Now, if one looks at life through superior moral glasses, and their idealology is steeped in religion, one could say that both situtaions are wrong and against God but those views only create a more judegmental society that really goes against the foundations of what the religious and morally superior preach. If we were to be an ntirely accepting non-judgemental society and allow people to make choices for their own benefit rather than trying to “save” everyone from themselves we would see that prostituion is little more than someone using whatever resources they have at the time to get by. much the sameway we promote our degrees in order to be able to gain better employment.
    Ultimately the profession is simply that a profession as if someone wants to do it they should be allowed to do it in the most hygenic way possible. If there are regulations many people could be saved from the despair of STD’s, certainly the same mentality was used to change the laws regarding abortion. Many women died or children who’s abortion attempt failed suffered irreerable harm at the hands of back door abortionists.
    In my opinion legalization is the best possible solution to something that is going to go on anyway.

  11. Amanda says:

    If I thought legalizing prostitution would reduce or eradicate sexual abuse in the industry, or increase women’s safety and rights, I would be all for it, but I don’t think it would. I also think the legalization of prostitution would attract girls/women who would not normally gravitate towards that line of work, because it would make a dangerous and tricky line of work appear more safe and promising than it really is. I am not convinced the legalization prostitution would be more beneficial to society.

  12. Abbey Davis says:

    i definately don’t think that prostitution should be legalized. I honestly believe that if you’re that hard up for money, there has to be another way to make it other than using your body. I don’t think that if it were to become legalized it would solve many problems. I’m sure the STD rates would sky rocket. When watching TV the other day I came across an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. On it was a gilr who was selling her virginity for research on womens rights. She actually got a lawyer and was making sure that she did it the right, legal way. 3.8 million was her highest bidder so far. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would it be okay for her to do this. To me it seems like its just like prostitution, having sex for money. It seems like if girls really wanted to make money, they might as well take the time to do it the legal way, and make millions. I definately don’t think either of these situations should be considered legal.

  13. Cathy Lucarz says:

    I believe this is a negative profession, actually I don’t believe it should be a profession. There are so many other opportunities for employment. I also definately do not think prostitution should be legalized, there are reasons it isn’t legal. For one, it is risky- not only healthwise (STD’s) but also psychologically. Putting yourself through that could take a toll on the girl and on the guy. I do not think any of the risks are worth it and should be avoided.

  14. Elisabeth Callahan says:

    All the negative stigma surrounding this type of profession is societal created. I think if people are willing to buy and pay for sex who are we to cast judgment. Perhaps, and this may be a stretch, but in the future call girls will be seen as less deviant and more socially acceptable like the gay community is now seen today. If legalizing prostitution means making it safer and healthier i guess i can bring myself to accepting it. I think the fear that by making it legalized will destroyed what sex should be seen as is over dramatized. Also, i think the argument that escorting/prostitution is psychologically damaging is a little bit of a myth. I think that just like any job their are risks of being psychologically effected but i think it has a lot to do with external conditions surrounding the individual which led them to their current state which has a bigger factor more so then the actual act. The world is made up of so many diverse people at different stages in their lives and like the McLennan said she has made some pretty bold choices in her life and in the process has gained experiences not many of us can say we’ve had and I think living and learning and then judging is the order in which we should live our lives; judging shouldn’t be first.

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