FALL into a Morning and Night Routine

FALL into a Morning and Night Routine

As a college student it can be so difficult to have a set time to wake up and go to bed. It’s easy to wake up 20 minutes before class and quickly throw some sweats on to get to class just in time. Even if you still chose to wake up at the last minute, there are still things you can do the night before to set yourself up for a successful morning. Try waking up 5 minutes earlier every day to be able to set your internal clock. The first day with 5 more minutes, try making your bed and the second day with 10 minutes make your bed and tidy up your bedroom. This blog will be a basis for you to start having more productive days with a healthier sleep schedule. 

Morning Routine:

  • Set a wakeup time
    • Whether it is 7am or 10am, have a set time to wake up each morning and stick to it! Sticking to a routine can sound so difficult to accomplish, but remember it will get easier over time as your internal body clock gets used to the new routine. 
  • Tidy up your bedroom
    • Simply making your bed or tidying up dirty or clean clothes can seem like the last thing on your to-do list in the morning. Set yourself up for your day by picking up your space so you go home to a clean, relaxing space. 
  • Workout first thing
    • If you are a morning person, consider working out. An even better idea is taking a walk outside as the first task you will tackle in the morning. 

Evening Routine:

  • Eat early in the evening
    • Try to eat dinner earlier rather than later to digest your food fully before going to bed. 
  • Wind down from the day
    • Find something that helps to calm you down from all the stress in your day. A way to take your mind off everything that is filled with stress. Reading, nighttime yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises are all great ways to calm yourself before bed.
    • Having a relaxing experience before bed routine also means putting away the screens. Find some activity that is relaxing to you that is not looking at a screen. Not saying you are not allowed to scroll TikTok for an hour after work or binge a few episodes of your favorite TV series, but try to turn everything off at least 20 minutes before you go to bed. 
  • Set a bedtime
    • Just like waking up at the same time every morning, going to bed the same time every night will set your body clock. If you don’t fall asleep at the same time every night, that’s perfectly okay! You want to be sure you head to bed or start your relaxing activity around the same time each night.Text

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Getting better sleep each night can lead to increased productivity, focus, stress, and overall health and wellbeing. Some of these sleep routine tips can seem daunting to try and we are all aware of the benefits of setting a good sleep routine but try your best to make your evening the most relaxing part of your day. A good night routine will lead to an even better morning, especially if you are able to get 7-9 hours of sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep at a specific time, I have attached a Spotify QR to an Insomnia sleep hypnosis. There are many other sleep hypnosis episodes that you can listen to as you fall asleep. Remember, 

Strive for progress not perfection!

Kayla Withrow