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As Spring Semester begins, take time to prepare yourself. Hopefully throughout the entirety of winter break you were able to catch up on your sleep and spend quality time with family and friends. As a college student, you know the semester can hit at full 



As we start off this New Year, many of our resolutions can be to eat healthier or exercise more and often it is more difficult to keep the routine going after setting the goal. If your goals in the New Year relate to starting a 

Surrounding Yourself with Healthy Positivity

Surrounding Yourself with Healthy Positivity

healthy-positivity“Back to school, back to school to prove my dad I’m not a fool.” That’s right Warhawks, we are finally kicking school mode into gear.  Love it or hate it, we have to accept it.  May changes go along with a new school year.  New classes, teachers, schedules, roommates, houses, the list could go on and on.  Going into my last year of college I am determined to surround myself only with positive and healthy energy.  I hope no matter what year in school you are, you also surround yourself with healthy positivity.  When we shape our environment with healthy energy, our bodies will follow.


Healthy and positive roommates and friends

How lucky am I to live with people who live and maintain a positive lifestyle? Whether it’s always keeping a good environment in the household, cooking clean meals together or hitting up group fitness classes together in our spare time, I am always surrounded by health.  I can’t say in past years, I got this lucky.   If you are not surrounded by an environment you enjoy, be the change.  Like this saying goes, if you can’t find that someone, be that someone.

Healthy and positive Schedule

This can even mean making happy hour! Although, I am not saying go drink every night, I am saying if time allows enjoy it.  Set up a schedule.  Make time for yourself.  Nothing is worse when you have so much going on where you have no time to enjoy yourself. Take time to plan out your days, workouts and meals.  You will be surprised how much more smoothly life can play out. 

Going off of that.. Healthy and Positive life choices

If you have time to go out at night for hours upon hours, you definitely have time for an hour in the gym or an hour to gather yourself a healthy meal. Life is all about choices, so make sure you maintain healthy and positive ones.  Instead of putting homework off until that last minute and stressing out, complete assignments before heading out for a long weekend.  Have a peace of mind with the choices you are making.

Healthy and positive environment

Your bedroom and home should have a comfortable environment. When you feel at peace in the comfort of your home, your body can become a lot more relaxed.  You don’t realize how your living environment truly effect you inside and outside.

A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.

I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. I hope you never stop. And remember being fit is always in style.

-Karlee Fowler