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College Packing List: Insights from an RA

By: Michael Maher I currently have two years of experience living in the residence hall dorms at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. One year as a resident (Tutt), and another year as a Resident Assistant (Wells West). In those two years,… Continue Reading →

College Student Deals: The Best Discounts of 2022

From tuition to housing, college is everything but a cheap investment. With the inevitable dread of paying off student loans in the future, some may find themselves in a tight situation. Luckily, many brands are aware of this college student… Continue Reading →


Loaded with good-for-your heart ingredients, this recipe gets an extra heart bonus due to the polyunsaturated fats found in the edamame and the monounsaturated fats in the extra-virgin olive oil. Serving Size: 1 Cup | Yield: 5 Cups | Method:… Continue Reading →


Black beans & rice is a staple on the Nicoyan blue zone menu and are eaten at any meal. It’s often topped with an egg and Salsa Lizano, a bottled Costa Rican condiment Ingredients: 1 Tbsp Canola oil 1 cup… Continue Reading →

New Year New You – Eat like a Centenarian

Across the world, several communities are known as blue zones or a set of characteristics that have produced the world’s longest-lived people. Many live to a healthy 100 because their surroundings nudge them to practice the healthiest behaviors: moderate exercise,… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bar Wellness Recipe

Cut back on sugar and enjoy your sweets too! Whip up these tasty treats made with less sugar and wholesome ingredients. Serving Size: 1 Bar | Yield: 16 servings | Method: Bake Ingredients: ½ cup Pumpkin, solid, canned ¼ cup… Continue Reading →

Lentils with Sweet Potato & Kale

Keep your skin healthy with this scrumptious blend of vitamin A-rich veggies and fiber-rich lentils. Serving Size: ¾ cups | Yield: 8 Servings | Method: Diced & Cook Ingredients: 1 Tbsp Olive Oil ½ cup Yellow onions, ¼” diced ½… Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan

We have all heard of individuals who choose to eat vegan, but what exactly does that mean? Eating vegan is defined as deciding to avoid consuming anything that comes from an animal such as honey, meat, eggs, and dairy products…. Continue Reading →

Szechuan Zoodles with Grilled Chicken

Support your immunity with this craveable, Chinese-inspired bowl. Packed with veggies, anti-inflammatory seasonings and lean protein, this dish offers a variety of nutrition your immune system needs. Serving Size: 1 cup zoodles & 1 chicken breast | Yield: 5 servings… Continue Reading →

Allergies VS Sensitivity & How to Navigate Campus

Did you know that you can be sensitive to certain foods but not be allergic to them? Sensitivities do not involve the immune system. They are caused by a lack of enzymes to digest foods properly. Symptoms of sensitivities are… Continue Reading →

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