Hannah Johnson

Did you know that owning a pet can help develop confidence and subside symptoms of depression? Although having a pet can bring on a lot of responsibility there are benefits that come along with these responsibilities. Whether you have a fish, dog, cat, hamster, or a lizard as a pet there are so many pros that come along with owning any type of pet.

Emotional Support

Owning a pet gives you a built-in best friend and family member. Especially for people who live alone, having a pet can help them feel less lonely. Dogs and cats are especially smart and can pick up if something is off with their owner. For example, if you are crying and your dog comes over to you wanting to be pet it’s because they can pick up that your body language is different than usual. As mentioned before, owning a pet can help owners develop confidence due to being the sole person who supports and nurtures them. Caring for someone or something beyond ourselves helps us feel important and needed thus forming confidence. This can overall improve your mood because caring for your pet, going on walks with them, taking them out, etc releases endorphins in the brain that create energy and positive feelings.

Physical Health Benefits

Even the CDC promotes the health benefits of owning a pet. Did you know that along with mental benefits, pets can benefit your physical health as well? Studies done by the CDC show that there are links between owning a pet and improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and so much more. Pets also help their owners live longer, healthier lives not only physically but mentally as well. The benefits go on,

To fully benefit from owning a pet, you first have to choose what pet fits best with your lifestyle. For example, if you live in a dorm, a dog or cat would probably not be the best choice due to dorm rules and the student lifestyle. Going with a pet fish would be a great option for a student since it is lower maintenance and does not require as much room as a dog or cat would need.

Living somewhere with access to large open spaces are necessary especially for dogs. Daily outdoor time is a must, whether you have a yard, live near a park, or just walk on sidewalks will do to maintain the health of your pet as well as their owners.


Also, your lifestyle will impact what type of pet you should get. For example, if you travel a lot or work long hours away from home you may want to stick with fish, or reptiles kept in tanks. Dogs and cats especially need a lot of daily exercise, attention, and food. They are really very social and can become depressed if their person is away for long periods of time. They want to be wherever you are. Some people are lucky enough that they can bring their pets with them to work, or have others who love them and will care for them while they are away during the day.

Overall the benefits of owning a pet are great. The trick is to pick the right one for your lifestyle and be ready to commit to caring for your pet. They depend on you for food, love, and companionship. You will soon discover that you become a little dependent on them as well!