Bears defense is hot! The monsters of midway are back and here to stay!

I mean what can you say about this game against the Panthers. Upset was a big one. Once again everyone sees the Bears as an underdog. But boy were they wrong. The defense came out stronger than ever you could say. Still not 100% sure how that wasn’t a safety, but we never get any good calls. The Bears defense tore apart the Panthers so bad. Fumbles, sacks, interceptions you name it, it happened. It was an amazing game to watch on the defensive side of things. The Bears defense did everything to win this game and was pretty much the only reason they did. The offense is coming together slowly but surely. Naggy and Foles need to work better together and learn what our strengths are. Foles can throw the ball and that’s something they need to realize. We have a QB who can throw and do it accurately. We need to emphasize on that and use that as one of our strengths. It wasn’t a pretty win, but like Foles said a win is a win and I’m good with that. With this win the Bears move to be 5-1, something I really didn’t see happening this year at all. We had several rough starts and the Colts game was pitiful. But were coming back being 1st in the NFC. I can’t complain. And we don’t look nearly as bad as the Packers did. Wow what a brutal game for Rodgers. I love it! This weeks bets were very rough on every part. Lot of upsets that I didn’t see happening. Took the bears spread and the over. Of course they win, but just not enough points unformantley. But there is always next week so let’s hope for some good picks!!

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