It happened 4-1! BEAR DOWN!!

Going into week 5 no one thought that the Bears would come anywhere close to having a chance to beating Buccaneers. Out of the 10 NFL experts 10/10 picked the Bucs, which is no surprise there. We started off the game as normal losing. We did not look good at all once again disappointing to Bears fans. But we started to chip away at the score. Our defense was looking amazing. Mack attack was back and tearing through their offensive line. This game was close throughout the whole game. Foles started to click with his receivers and started to read the defense. He found the hurry up offense was working the best for moving the ball. Some of the play calls I was furious with, I’m not sure what they are trying to do. But once again you just have to go with it and hope for the best. Sitting in the 3rd quarter down by two I check the live bets; Bears money line was +175. I saw what was happening between the offense and defense, quick reaction I put $40 down. The payout was $110. Coming down the bears have 2 minutes on the clock and can’t put it in the end zone. We messed up the clock management in a major way, that probably should have made us lose the game. Once again the game comes down to a kick. My stomach was in knots, but he made it!!! Up by 1 and giving the ball back to Brady was not what I wanted. Couple good passes and they’re moving the play past the 50. The last play was some of the best man coverage I have seen from the bears. Brady not knowing what play it was, could’ve been the reason they lost, but who knows. All I know is that the Bears are back, and I am more than happy being 4-1. Plus $110 richer!

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