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Disappointed to say the least What happened to the bears

I went into this game thinking that the Bears actually had a shot, and this was going to put us to a new level of good. Man was I wrong. This game made me furious. I don’t even know where to begin in this game. I just cannot wrap my brain around how our offense can play a pretty good game one week. Then go to the following week and look like were in a preseason game with our third string offense. The offense is putting our entire playoff potential in trouble. The confidence level from the fans is at an all-time low. I truly don’t know where to even begin. At the end of week, one fans had the highest level of the team’s confidence in wining. When we put Foles in for Tribby, we thought that was the key to create the Bears success. But know we don’t even know what the problem is. It’s starting to look like Nagy’s play calling might be the real issue that the Bears are facing. Now on the other hand our Monster of Midway did not look like they did against the Panthers. We looked bad and couldn’t control the Rams offense. Which was disappointing. But you cannot win a football with defense only, our offense needs to pick it up and start scoring points. I don’t get what is so hard about switching up plays if things are not working within our offense. Looking at our next game against the Saints is scary. The season is over if our offense cannot make a change and start scoring points. The Bears management needs to figure things out, because if they don’t there are going to be an uproar of angry fans.

The undefeated season has ended, is it all downhill

The start to the season was something else to say the least. The bears are looking to have Foles step in and do what Mitch can’t do. I feel bad for Mitch and I don’t think he is a bad quarterback. He has been thrown into a tough situation with a team that need a quarterback who could set up and dominate on the field. He did! The 2018 was something no one saw coming. In all my years I never thought the we could make a play off push. But to then lose in the most Bears way possible, that will haunt my dreams for years. Being in the stadium to watch that event live was the highest point of my life and the lowest. Cody Parkey deserved every word that was yelled at him during that game and maybe more. I don’t feel bad at all for him, he is paid millions of dollars to do one thing…kick a football. It’s not rocket science. This also wasn’t his first and only game mess up. There were countless throughout the season. Foles stepped up to be the starter. He did everything we asked from him. Not. Not at all he looked terrible, everything about the game against the Colts was disgusting from beginning to end. Disappointing to say the least. I don’t understand how he can look so good and have everything working for him, then to the next game watch him look like he has no idea what a football is or how the game works. I mean a 19-11 game is the most boring game to ever happen. I’m not mad just disappointed. I hope Nagy and Foles come together and figure out what needs to change so we can start to win. Or else we might have to go back to Mitch. Or just burn the whole organization down!