There is nothing left to say

There are no words left to talk about the bears. It’s honestly the same problem every week and no one does anything to try and change it. Offense is a huge problem, but let’s just keep doing the same thing and hope we get lucky. That’s honestly what they have to be thinking. Instead of making a couple of play calling changes and try something new out. But no, let’s just do a three and out every time the offense goes out. If I were on the Bears defense I wouldn’t play. Truly. Watching our defense work as hard as they do and create turnovers for our offense is amazing to watch. Then to have our offense only be able to get 3 points out of it is pathetic. The Vikings were an easy team to beat, but we obviously can’t even do that. Looking towards the next game against the packers is a joke. We don’t have an offensive line, our top defensive player got hurt, and worst of all we are starting a no name QB. Who looked worse than a pee wee football player. There’s no shot that the bears come close to winning. I would put the mortgage on the Pack to win and it kills me to say it, but there’s no more lying to myself. Our team is trash other than our defense. No more complaining, just accepting the fact that there need to be changes made and I’m happy to have went 5-1 for this short amount of time. It was a fun run, but a short one. Chicago sports are going downhill so fast no one knows what to even think. I am actually really happy the Bears have a bye week this upcoming week so I don’t have another week ruined by their terrible playing. Just a nice week of betting and getting screwed on one bet to lose my parlay. Maybe time to pick a new team or something who knows. Just sad to see. Maybe something will come out of having a week off. But there’s no way I’m getting my hopes up for anything to do with the Bears.

Once again full of DISAPPOINTMENT

Again and again it’s the same story. The bears offense is awful, I just can’t begin to understand why changes aren’t being made. If you watched the game it’s all thank to the defense. If we can add a decent offense that could get an average amount of points we would have a easy playoff team. But, now when watching these games I truly can’t see this team going anywhere in playoffs with this teams offense. It’s pathetic that we can’t have management change some of our play calls or do something! It’s really not this difficult to make changes. It’s even more frustrating that we could have one the game against the Saints. But once again the Bears find a way to mess things up and put us even further away from play offs. Almost all Bears games hit the under of 40 points. When reading that you would be amazed that our defense can hold team to 20 points or less. But the fact that our offense can’t score more than 20 points against teams is terrifying. I understand that it’s more problems than just one person, our line is awful due to everyone being hurt. But that doesn’t excuse these awful play calls. The only time we truly gain yards is when we throw the deep ball. When do we do that? Maybe once a game and what happens? We get a 40 yard gain. For the life of me I can’t begin to understand why WE DON”T DO IT MORE. I’m so done with this team. It’s the same thing year after year. If things don’t change very soon, these blogs are going to get worse and worse. Check us out on Twitter for my bets for the week.

Disappointment after disappointment

I don’t really know what to think anymore. After watching the Bears Saints game. All I know is that things need to change on offense and it needs to happen fast. I understand that these 3 weeks were against difficult teams. But we could have won this game! I mean we literally could have won. If we could simply just get our offense moving a little more we could win. First props to our defense without them the game would’ve been 100-0. Our defense held the Saints so many times. Opening a wide open area for our offense to come out and put some points on the board. But we couldn’t. I think the Bears management need to take a step to revise the offense. We need to change the plays to get more yards and move the ball. We went two deep passes and what happened? WE SCORE! It’s not rocket science at all. Throw the ball score. Move the ball score. Instead we throw these short and out passes that get us no yards. We thought that Foles coming in would change everything, that wasn’t it at all. Do we put Tribby back in maybe. I really don’t know but something right now needs to change. I’m not letting Foles out either, he had a wide open lane to run and pick up a 1st down and he just stood there looking to throw a pass. What are you doing RUN. It’s not hard and he doesn’t run and he gets sacked for a 15 yard loss. So if things don’t change this week. My next blog is going to be really bad just unleashing my anger onto the bears. Check out Pro Sports Talk on twitter for this weeks bets!