Once again full of DISAPPOINTMENT

Again and again it’s the same story. The bears offense is awful, I just can’t begin to understand why changes aren’t being made. If you watched the game it’s all thank to the defense. If we can add a decent offense that could get an average amount of points we would have a easy playoff team. But, now when watching these games I truly can’t see this team going anywhere in playoffs with this teams offense. It’s pathetic that we can’t have management change some of our play calls or do something! It’s really not this difficult to make changes. It’s even more frustrating that we could have one the game against the Saints. But once again the Bears find a way to mess things up and put us even further away from play offs. Almost all Bears games hit the under of 40 points. When reading that you would be amazed that our defense can hold team to 20 points or less. But the fact that our offense can’t score more than 20 points against teams is terrifying. I understand that it’s more problems than just one person, our line is awful due to everyone being hurt. But that doesn’t excuse these awful play calls. The only time we truly gain yards is when we throw the deep ball. When do we do that? Maybe once a game and what happens? We get a 40 yard gain. For the life of me I can’t begin to understand why WE DON”T DO IT MORE. I’m so done with this team. It’s the same thing year after year. If things don’t change very soon, these blogs are going to get worse and worse. Check us out on Twitter for my bets for the week.

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