THe bad bad bears

After that amazing loss sunday to the Packers, the Bears need to beat the Lions by 85 points to even look like a decent football team. I have never been so embarrassed by a game in my life. It was so bad to watch, it took all the power I had to leave it on. The only reason it stayed on was because of my Twitter moment for the game. It was so disappointing, usually after the game we will talk about the game at the office the next day. Nothing. Not one word was spoken about the game. It was so bad. If we can’t beat the Lions which is such a bad team I might feel worse for Lions fans. But truly this game should be an easy win, due to the fact that they don’t have a GM or even a HEAD COACH! But, knowing the Bears they can easily find some way to lose this game. Truly I won’t be slightly surprised if we lose this game. There are so many challenges that we are facing right now. Maybe we fired Naggy and pick up Patricia. I mean that could truly be a power move. He was a great coach for the Pats and he could bring some of that knowledge to us. I can’t see Naggy staying with the bears after the past two season. I think it is time for us to move on. Naggy is a great guy nothing against him, but I just don’t see anyone believing in him or having any trust with him. There need to be some major changes if we ever want to be a decent football team, much less be able to compete against another football team. It still makes zero sense to me how we beat the Bucs and play so good. Bucs beat the Packs. AKA we should have beat the Pack, but nope. Not even a slightly close game. It was so bad I still can get the game out of my head.

Detroit Lions are +3 spread and +135 ML. If I were a betting man, HAMMER DET ML. Honestly because you will be one happy bettor.

BEars vs packers

This game was over before it started, honestly. It’s just disappointment after disappointment. Right when you think that the Bears are making plays and moving the ball, something happens that goes against them. If you are a Bears fan, it’s just sad to watch. Considering the game is over in the 1st half. Unless something insane happens, this season is over. There is nothing left to be excited for. The fact that we though Mitch could come back and change anything is so funny. We are so bad and I don’t even know where to start. Is it the management and offense, because I can tell you that our Defense is disgusting. I would say we have the number 1 defense, but without a somewhat competent offense there’s no point of having a good defense. I really thought Mitch would come out and show some intensity. Trying to prove to everyone that he could be Chicago’s QB for years to come. He has made some great passes, but has also had some awful passes. When playing the Pack you can’t make any mistakes, it needs to be a clean game. And I just don’t see that happening tonight. I hate to say it, because there is nothing I would like more than having the Bears lay a beat down to the Pack. It’s just so funny to watch this, it’s almost like a high school football team playing a D1 school. It should be easy to score in the red zone. But the Bears some how make it look like we have never been in the endzone. It’s so sad to watch. I would love to turn this game off, but I have to keep watching. The ending was terrible the entire game was terrible. I really have nothing to say. Mitch looked okay I would say. One positive I saw was that our offense seemed a little more alive with Mitch. I also like seeing Mitch carry himself with a little more intensity and fire, than I see in Foles. Check out my Twitter for my moments at ProSportsTalk6.

There is nothing left to say

There are no words left to talk about the bears. It’s honestly the same problem every week and no one does anything to try and change it. Offense is a huge problem, but let’s just keep doing the same thing and hope we get lucky. That’s honestly what they have to be thinking. Instead of making a couple of play calling changes and try something new out. But no, let’s just do a three and out every time the offense goes out. If I were on the Bears defense I wouldn’t play. Truly. Watching our defense work as hard as they do and create turnovers for our offense is amazing to watch. Then to have our offense only be able to get 3 points out of it is pathetic. The Vikings were an easy team to beat, but we obviously can’t even do that. Looking towards the next game against the packers is a joke. We don’t have an offensive line, our top defensive player got hurt, and worst of all we are starting a no name QB. Who looked worse than a pee wee football player. There’s no shot that the bears come close to winning. I would put the mortgage on the Pack to win and it kills me to say it, but there’s no more lying to myself. Our team is trash other than our defense. No more complaining, just accepting the fact that there need to be changes made and I’m happy to have went 5-1 for this short amount of time. It was a fun run, but a short one. Chicago sports are going downhill so fast no one knows what to even think. I am actually really happy the Bears have a bye week this upcoming week so I don’t have another week ruined by their terrible playing. Just a nice week of betting and getting screwed on one bet to lose my parlay. Maybe time to pick a new team or something who knows. Just sad to see. Maybe something will come out of having a week off. But there’s no way I’m getting my hopes up for anything to do with the Bears.

Once again full of DISAPPOINTMENT

Again and again it’s the same story. The bears offense is awful, I just can’t begin to understand why changes aren’t being made. If you watched the game it’s all thank to the defense. If we can add a decent offense that could get an average amount of points we would have a easy playoff team. But, now when watching these games I truly can’t see this team going anywhere in playoffs with this teams offense. It’s pathetic that we can’t have management change some of our play calls or do something! It’s really not this difficult to make changes. It’s even more frustrating that we could have one the game against the Saints. But once again the Bears find a way to mess things up and put us even further away from play offs. Almost all Bears games hit the under of 40 points. When reading that you would be amazed that our defense can hold team to 20 points or less. But the fact that our offense can’t score more than 20 points against teams is terrifying. I understand that it’s more problems than just one person, our line is awful due to everyone being hurt. But that doesn’t excuse these awful play calls. The only time we truly gain yards is when we throw the deep ball. When do we do that? Maybe once a game and what happens? We get a 40 yard gain. For the life of me I can’t begin to understand why WE DON”T DO IT MORE. I’m so done with this team. It’s the same thing year after year. If things don’t change very soon, these blogs are going to get worse and worse. Check us out on Twitter for my bets for the week.

Disappointment after disappointment

I don’t really know what to think anymore. After watching the Bears Saints game. All I know is that things need to change on offense and it needs to happen fast. I understand that these 3 weeks were against difficult teams. But we could have won this game! I mean we literally could have won. If we could simply just get our offense moving a little more we could win. First props to our defense without them the game would’ve been 100-0. Our defense held the Saints so many times. Opening a wide open area for our offense to come out and put some points on the board. But we couldn’t. I think the Bears management need to take a step to revise the offense. We need to change the plays to get more yards and move the ball. We went two deep passes and what happened? WE SCORE! It’s not rocket science at all. Throw the ball score. Move the ball score. Instead we throw these short and out passes that get us no yards. We thought that Foles coming in would change everything, that wasn’t it at all. Do we put Tribby back in maybe. I really don’t know but something right now needs to change. I’m not letting Foles out either, he had a wide open lane to run and pick up a 1st down and he just stood there looking to throw a pass. What are you doing RUN. It’s not hard and he doesn’t run and he gets sacked for a 15 yard loss. So if things don’t change this week. My next blog is going to be really bad just unleashing my anger onto the bears. Check out Pro Sports Talk on twitter for this weeks bets!

Bears defense is hot! The monsters of midway are back and here to stay!

I mean what can you say about this game against the Panthers. Upset was a big one. Once again everyone sees the Bears as an underdog. But boy were they wrong. The defense came out stronger than ever you could say. Still not 100% sure how that wasn’t a safety, but we never get any good calls. The Bears defense tore apart the Panthers so bad. Fumbles, sacks, interceptions you name it, it happened. It was an amazing game to watch on the defensive side of things. The Bears defense did everything to win this game and was pretty much the only reason they did. The offense is coming together slowly but surely. Naggy and Foles need to work better together and learn what our strengths are. Foles can throw the ball and that’s something they need to realize. We have a QB who can throw and do it accurately. We need to emphasize on that and use that as one of our strengths. It wasn’t a pretty win, but like Foles said a win is a win and I’m good with that. With this win the Bears move to be 5-1, something I really didn’t see happening this year at all. We had several rough starts and the Colts game was pitiful. But were coming back being 1st in the NFC. I can’t complain. And we don’t look nearly as bad as the Packers did. Wow what a brutal game for Rodgers. I love it! This weeks bets were very rough on every part. Lot of upsets that I didn’t see happening. Took the bears spread and the over. Of course they win, but just not enough points unformantley. But there is always next week so let’s hope for some good picks!!

It happened 4-1! BEAR DOWN!!

Going into week 5 no one thought that the Bears would come anywhere close to having a chance to beating Buccaneers. Out of the 10 NFL experts 10/10 picked the Bucs, which is no surprise there. We started off the game as normal losing. We did not look good at all once again disappointing to Bears fans. But we started to chip away at the score. Our defense was looking amazing. Mack attack was back and tearing through their offensive line. This game was close throughout the whole game. Foles started to click with his receivers and started to read the defense. He found the hurry up offense was working the best for moving the ball. Some of the play calls I was furious with, I’m not sure what they are trying to do. But once again you just have to go with it and hope for the best. Sitting in the 3rd quarter down by two I check the live bets; Bears money line was +175. I saw what was happening between the offense and defense, quick reaction I put $40 down. The payout was $110. Coming down the bears have 2 minutes on the clock and can’t put it in the end zone. We messed up the clock management in a major way, that probably should have made us lose the game. Once again the game comes down to a kick. My stomach was in knots, but he made it!!! Up by 1 and giving the ball back to Brady was not what I wanted. Couple good passes and they’re moving the play past the 50. The last play was some of the best man coverage I have seen from the bears. Brady not knowing what play it was, could’ve been the reason they lost, but who knows. All I know is that the Bears are back, and I am more than happy being 4-1. Plus $110 richer!

The undefeated season has ended, is it all downhill

The start to the season was something else to say the least. The bears are looking to have Foles step in and do what Mitch can’t do. I feel bad for Mitch and I don’t think he is a bad quarterback. He has been thrown into a tough situation with a team that need a quarterback who could set up and dominate on the field. He did! The 2018 was something no one saw coming. In all my years I never thought the we could make a play off push. But to then lose in the most Bears way possible, that will haunt my dreams for years. Being in the stadium to watch that event live was the highest point of my life and the lowest. Cody Parkey deserved every word that was yelled at him during that game and maybe more. I don’t feel bad at all for him, he is paid millions of dollars to do one thing…kick a football. It’s not rocket science. This also wasn’t his first and only game mess up. There were countless throughout the season. Foles stepped up to be the starter. He did everything we asked from him. Not. Not at all he looked terrible, everything about the game against the Colts was disgusting from beginning to end. Disappointing to say the least. I don’t understand how he can look so good and have everything working for him, then to the next game watch him look like he has no idea what a football is or how the game works. I mean a 19-11 game is the most boring game to ever happen. I’m not mad just disappointed. I hope Nagy and Foles come together and figure out what needs to change so we can start to win. Or else we might have to go back to Mitch. Or just burn the whole organization down!

the Chicago bears update

The Bears Are Back and Week 1 Begins

At the beginning of every football season, you hope this could be your team’s year to finally go all the way. As a life long Bears fan every year we as fans get our hearts ripped out, year after year. This season started off giving every fan a heart attack. Anyone watching the game knows we should have lost. But thank god that Detroit’s rookie dropped the ball because the Bears are undefeated! Can we keep this winning streak up…possibly? But when the time comes can we overcome and break through the glass ceiling that we are constantly hitting. Everyone gets lucky once in a while, so why can’t it be our year. BEAR DOWN