BEars vs packers

This game was over before it started, honestly. It’s just disappointment after disappointment. Right when you think that the Bears are making plays and moving the ball, something happens that goes against them. If you are a Bears fan, it’s just sad to watch. Considering the game is over in the 1st half. Unless something insane happens, this season is over. There is nothing left to be excited for. The fact that we though Mitch could come back and change anything is so funny. We are so bad and I don’t even know where to start. Is it the management and offense, because I can tell you that our Defense is disgusting. I would say we have the number 1 defense, but without a somewhat competent offense there’s no point of having a good defense. I really thought Mitch would come out and show some intensity. Trying to prove to everyone that he could be Chicago’s QB for years to come. He has made some great passes, but has also had some awful passes. When playing the Pack you can’t make any mistakes, it needs to be a clean game. And I just don’t see that happening tonight. I hate to say it, because there is nothing I would like more than having the Bears lay a beat down to the Pack. It’s just so funny to watch this, it’s almost like a high school football team playing a D1 school. It should be easy to score in the red zone. But the Bears some how make it look like we have never been in the endzone. It’s so sad to watch. I would love to turn this game off, but I have to keep watching. The ending was terrible the entire game was terrible. I really have nothing to say. Mitch looked okay I would say. One positive I saw was that our offense seemed a little more alive with Mitch. I also like seeing Mitch carry himself with a little more intensity and fire, than I see in Foles. Check out my Twitter for my moments at ProSportsTalk6.

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